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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-File Rept. 93-1
Annual Report, FY92--Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Executive Summary
Introduction and Statement of the Problem
Program Overview
Description and Use of the Aquifer
FY92 Activities and Results

Geologic Framework
Geologic Mapping of the Shallow Subsurface in Southwestern Kansas
Regional Gamma-Ray Gray-Level Intensity Cross-Section Images of the Permian-Cretaceous Sequence
Geophysical Log Analysis of the Gray County Site
Geostatistical Analysis of Sandstone and Shale Distribution in Hodgeman County
Monitoring Sites
Construction of the Monitoring Site in Stanton County
Slug and Pumping Tests Conducted at the Finney and Hodgeman County
Cooperative Monitoring Site in Gray County with Southwestern Kansas
Ground-water Flow Simulation
Large-Scale Steady-State Modeling of the Regional Flow System in Western Kansas and Southeastern Colorado
Ground-Water Flow Systems and Water-Resources Potential of the Dakota Aquifer in Parts of Republic, Cloud, Clay, and Washington Counties
Steady-State Modeling of Ground-Water Flow in Southeastern Colorado and Southwestern Kansas
Effect of River Valleys and the Upper Cretaceous Aquitard on Regional Flow
Revised Conceptualization of the Flow System
Regional Setting
Geologic Structure
Regional Hydrostratigraphy
Upper Cretaceous Aquitard
Upper Dakota Aquifer
Steady-State Regional Ground-Water Flow
Determination of Ground-Water Flow Directions
Results and Interpretation
Ground-Water Flow Patterns
Simulation of the Flow System
Governing Equation
Model Grid
Boundary Conditions
Initial Parameter Estimates
Assumptions and Limitations of the Model
Ground-Water Flow in the Steady-State Model
Steady-State Water Budget
Influence of the Upper Cretaceous Aquitard on the Flow System
Role of River Valleys
Arkansas River Valley
Saline River Drainage
Water Chemistry at the Finney and Hodgeman County Pumping-Test Sites
Characterization of Aquifer Interactions and Recharge
Coupled Geochemical and Mass Transport Model
Salinity Source Investigations in Central Kansas
Hydrogeochemistry of Fluoride in the Dakota Aquifer
Water-Quality Distribution Maps
Water-Quality Use Assessment for Water Supplies

Geographic Information System and Database Management Activities for FY92
Liaison Activities with Federal, Other State, and Local Agencies and the Public
Relationship of the FY92 Dakota Aquifer Program to Future Research Directions
Appendix A--List of Publications

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