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Oil and Gas Production Data

Production data through December 2018 added March 24, 2019. Gas production revised from Oct. 2017 to June 2018 because of one company newly reporting for those months. Additional revisions this month affected July-November 2018 gas production.

Wells, Logs, Core, and other databases

Master list of oil and gas wells All oil and gas wells in the KGS database. Can save lists of wells to a text file. Linked to the other types of data available (LAS files, cuttings, scans, tops, etc.).

These next searches are subsets of the master list, limited to wells containing the necessary attribute.
Wireline Logs and Geologist's Report Wireline Log Headers--nearly complete list of paper logs stored in the KGS data library. LAS Files Available--shows only logs that are Digital Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files.
  Scanned Wireline Logs--shows only wells with logs that have been scanned into TIF files.  
Core Core Library Index--stored at the KGS Core Library in Lawrence Images of core
  Scanned core analyses Core Analysis Data
Other data linked to master list Scanned ACO-1's, drillers logs, intents, plugging reports, etc. from the KGS and KCC Rotary-cutting samples--stored at the KGS Wichita Office.
  Tops data DST data
  Proration Data Gas Pressure Tests Plugged Oil and Gas Wells
  Fluid Injection Database (UIC Annual Reports) Show Horizontal or Slant Wells in Kansas
  Wells reaching the Precambrian  
Other oil and gas well data Search for brine analyses in Kansas. List of well status codes
Status maps of scanning projects, Updated April 1, 2019
Distribution of well samples preserved, Updated April 1, 2019
Statistics on wells drilled in Kansas, Updated Feb. 4, 2019
Statistics on wells by County, Updated Feb. 4, 2019
File Format Tools, information on software to view
and use the files we distribute on our web pages
FGDC Metadata for the Well Database

ASCII and ZIP'd files containing well data

These next links point to pre-created files containing oil and gas well data. They are in the same format as the files saved using the Master list of oil and wells. The file containing all the wells in Kansas is a very large zipped file of 40 megabytes.

All Wells; Comma-delimited text file.
35 megabytes [ UPDATED ] (April 2, 2019); ArcInfo Shapefile.
64 megabytes [ UPDATED ] (March 28, 2019)
All Tops 24 megabytes [ UPDATED ] (April 1, 2019)
These searches create files containing wells based on the date chosen.
spudded in...
permitted in...
plugged in...