Arkansas River, 1995

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KGS Open-file Report 2019-2, Assessing Playas as Point Sources for Recharge of the High Plains Aquifer, Western Kansas, by William C. Johnson, Randy L. Stotler, Mark W. Bowen, Jude H. Kastens, Daniel R. Hirmas, Dakota J. Burt, and Kaitlin A. Salley

KGS Open-file Report 2019-3, Addressing Groundwater Goals of the Missouri Regional Planning Area, Phase II: First Year Progress Report, by Geoffrey C. Bohling, Donald O. Whittemore, Andrea E. Brookfield, Edward C. Reboulet, Blake B. Wilson, James J. Butler, Jr.

KGS Open-file Report 2018-18, 2018 Water Level Data Acquisition Statistics, by Brett Bennett and Mary Brohammer

New Website: Kansas River Index Well Network

2018-17, High Plains Aquifer Index Well Program: 2017 Annual Report, by J. J. Butler, Jr., D. O. Whittemore, E. Reboulet, S. Knobbe, B. B. Wilson, and G. C. Bohling

Interactive Map of WWC5 data [ New! ] Aug. 17, 2018. The mapper is now mobile friendly, optimized for use on desktop computers, tablets, and most phones. Print directly from the browser's print command, or save to a PDF.

New Website: Addressing the Groundwater Goals of the Missouri Regional Planning Area

KU Hydrogeology Program--a cooperative program with the KU Department of Geology to teach and mentor students in hydrogeology

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