Arkansas River, 1995

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KGS featured in National Geographic article on the High Plains aquifer

Open-file Report 2016-19, Western Kansas GMD1 maps, by J. J. Woods and B. B. Wilson

Open-file Report 2016-4, High Plains Aquifer Index Well Program: 2015 Annual Report, by J. J. Butler, Jr., D. O. Whittemore, E. Reboulet, S. Knobbe, B. B. Wilson, R. L. Stotler, and G. C. Bohling

Open-file Report 2016-3, Minimum Saturated Thickness Calculator: Method Overview and Spreadsheet Description, by Andrea Brookfield

Bulletin 260, Water Resources of the Dakota Aquifer in Kansas, by Donald O. Whittemore, P. Allen Macfarlane, and Blake B. Wilson. News release also available.

KU Hydrogeology Program--a cooperative program with the KU Department of Geology to teach and mentor students in hydrogeology

Water research at the University of Kansas: