Arkansas River, 1995

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Open-file Report 2017-3, Equus Beds Groundwater Management District No. 2 Sustainability Assessment, by J. J. Butler, Jr., D. O. Whittemore, and B. B. Wilson

Open-file Report 2017-2, Estimated Annual Uranium Loads in the Arkansas River Entering Kansas 2012-2016, by Donald Whittemore

Open-file Report 2017-1, Testimony--Rolfe Mandel, Kansas Geological Survey, to House Water and Environment Committee, 17 January 2017

Open-file Report 2016-30, User's Guide to HyDRA_Translate.xlsm: An Excel Workbook for Quantification of Water Well Drillers' Logs, by Geoffrey C. Bohling

Open-file Report 2016-28, Establishing Kansas as a Data Provider to the National Ground-water Monitoring Network, by Brownie Wilson

KGS featured in National Geographic article on the High Plains aquifer

KU Hydrogeology Program--a cooperative program with the KU Department of Geology to teach and mentor students in hydrogeology

Water research at the University of Kansas: