Induced Seismicity: The Potential for Triggered Earthquakes in Kansas


  • Magnitude 2.7 earthquake at 2:21 AM, Thurs., Sept. 3, located 3 mi SW of Harper; details from USGS
  • Magnitude 2.5 earthquake at 1:04 AM, Wed., Sept. 2, located 4 miles NE of Anthony; details from USGS.
  • Tues., Sept. 1: Magnitude 3.1 earthquake at 6:41 AM, located 3 miles E of Caldwell; details from USGS. Magnitude 2.2 earthquake at 7:21 AM, located 11 miles ESE of Anthony; details from USGS.
  • Production data through May 2015 added Aug. 30, 2015.
  • Magnitude 3.1 earthquake at 9:39 AM, Sat., Aug. 29, located 6 miles ENE of Caldwell; details from USGS.
  • 9 new oil fields named for July 2015.
  • Fifteenth Quarterly Report for Small Scale Field Test online for the South-central Kansas CO2 Project.
  • Geologic Map for Pawnee County Now Available.
  • Resources on Induced Seismicity--the KGS presents these links to help people learn about induced seismicity, or earthquakes somehow created or triggered by actions of humans.