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Oil and Gas Well Database Abbreviations

Here are the abbreviations most commonly used to designate well status in our database.

Abbreviation Meaning Abbreviation Meaning
ABND Abandoned loc, never drilled, or D&A CATH Cathodic protection well
CBM Coal bed methane CO2-INJ Carbon dioxide injection
D&A Dry & abandoned EOR Enhanced oil recovery
EXP Expired permit GAS Gas well
HELIUM Helium INJ Injection well
J&A Junked and abandoned LH Lost hole
LOC Location, status unknown;
or location never drilled
O&G Oil and gas
OBS observation OIL Oil well
P&A Plugged and abandoned SHUT-IN Shut-in
STRAT Stratigraphic test SWD Saltwater disposal
TA Temporarily abandoned (but not P&A or D&A) W-INJ Water injection
WATER Water well    

For additional information, please visit our online book Petroleum: a primer for Kansas. It is written in non-technical language for those who have interests in the petroleum industry in one way or another, but who have had little or no training in the technical fields involved.

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Updated April 3, 2004