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Highlights, New Items

Map M-124 Available--Surficial geology of Dickinson County, Kansas; text, geologic-unit descriptions, and cross-section geology by C. M. Phillips-Lander, by J. R. McCauley

New in "Current Research," Precambrian Nomenclature in Kansas, by Robert S. Sawin, Evan K. Franseen, Greg A. Ludvigson, W. Lynn Watney, and Ronald R. West

Map M-107 Available--Surficial geology of Hodgeman County, Kansas, by W.C. Johnson and T.L. Woodburn

Map M-123 Available--Surficial geology of Saline County, Kansas, by J.R. McCauley; text and geologic-unit descriptions by C.M. Phillips-Lander and R.S. Sawin; cross section geology by R.S. Sawin

New Technical Series 22, Mineralogical and Chemical Evolution of Lamproites in Woodson and Wilson Counties, Southeastern Kansas, by Robert L. Cullers and Pieter Berendsen

Map M-122 Available--Surficial geology of Geary County, Kansas, by R.S. Sawin and R.R. West

Link to Kansas State Board of Technical Professions--Information for Registration as a Professional Geologist in Kansas

Updated STATEMAP Summary sheet for Kansas for FY2013

Kansas Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee