Stone schoolhouse near Chapman

This page lists links to information available at the Kansas Geological Survey that is most appropriate for educational use. This is not an exhaustive list; please check the other areas of the KGS Web Site for other resources that may also be of interest. In addition, several educational publications are listed in the Kansas Geological Survey publications catalog.


Presented by the Kansas Geological Survey Geology Extension, GeoKansas presents regional information about the geology and geography of Kansas.

Photography Projects

Photo Library
The KGS has created a database to explore the photos taken by KGS staff over the years. Try it and feel free to comment using the "Comment" button found on many the pages or using the email link at the bottom of the photo pages.
Alexander Gardner Rephotographic Project
Historic photos in 3-D with modern versions taken from the same locations.
GigaPan Panoramic Photos
High-resolution panoramic photographs. [new]


An interactive simulator in which students take on the role of an environmental consultant to solve a contamination problem.

High Plains Aquifer Information Network

This site is dedicated to providing links to information, data, and resources related to the High Plains aquifer.