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Feb. 10, 2017--Groundwater Levels Down in Western Kansas, Hold or Increase in Central Kansas

Jan. 13, 2017--Kansas Geological Survey Honors Outstanding Employee

Dec. 20, 2016--Kansas Geological Survey to Measure Groundwater Levels in Western Kansas

Oct. 7, 2016--Kansas Geological Survey Interim Director Receives Public Service Award

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About the Kansas Geological Survey

The Kansas Geological Survey (KGS), a research and service division of the University of Kansas, is charged, by statute, with studying and providing information about the state's geologic resources. The KGS has no regulatory authority and does not take positions on natural resource issues.

Research at the KGS focuses primarily on energy, water, and the environment and addresses natural resource challenges facing the state of Kansas. The KGS also generates new information about the state's geology and develops tools and techniques for studying the surface and subsurface through its geophysics and mapping programs. Primary users of this information include other state, local, and federal entities, such as the Kansas Water Office, the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC), and the state's groundwater management districts; oil and gas exploration companies; companies and consultants that deal with construction, environmental, and geologic hazard issues; and educators, private citizens, and others who want basic information about the state's geology and resources.

The KGS main headquarters is in Lawrence on the west campus of the University of Kansas, and the KGS Well Sample Library is in Wichita. With a staff of about 112 employees, including 34 student employees, the KGS has an annual state-appropriated budget of approximately $5.8 million. Another $4.6 million in grants and contracts were awarded in fiscal year 2016. The KGS reports to the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Kansas and has a 12-member advisory council to provide review and guidance.

Rolfe Mandel is Interim Director of the Kansas Geological Survey.


Also available is a listing of Kansas statutes referring to the Survey.