Open-File Reports

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These reports are concerned with energy resources in Kansas and have been placed online. A complete listing of KGS open-file reports can be viewed using the KGS List of Open File Reports


Kansas Oil and Gas Exploration; 10 Year History and Future Strategies, by Paul Gerlach
Controls on Osagean-Meramecian (Mississippian) Ramp Development in Central Kansas; Implications for Paleogeography and Paleo-Oceanography, by Evan K. Franseen
Integrating Plug to Well-Scale Petrophysics with Detailed Sedimentology to Quantify Fracture, Vug, and Matrix Properties in Carbonate Reservoirs: An Example from the Arbuckle Group, Kansas, by Alan P. Byrnes, Evan K. Franseen, and D. Mark Steinhauff
Improved Oil Recovery in Mississippian Carbonate Reservoirs of Kansas - Near Term - Class 2: 1998 Annual Report, by Dana Adkins-Heljeson, Saibal Bhattacharya, Tim Carr, Evan Franseen, Paul Gerlach, Willard Guy, John Hopkins, W. Lynn Watney
1999 Digital Petroleum Atlas Annual Report, by Lee C. Gerhard, Timothy R. Carr, Dana Adkins-Heljeson,Saibal Bhattacharya, Paul Gerlach, Willard Guy, Robert O'Dell, Ken Stalder, W. Lynn Watney


1998 Kansas Oil & Gas Production and Value, by Timothy R. Carr
Arbuckle Reservoirs in Central Kansas: Relative Importance of Depositional Facies,Early Diagenesis and Unconformity Karst Processes on Reservoir Properties, by D. Mark Steinhauff, Evan K. Franseen, Alan P. Byrnes, and Jason R. Cansler
1998 Kansas Oil and Gas Production: An Examination of the Importance of Stripper Production, by Timothy R. Carr and Paul M. Gerlach
A Field Assessment of the Feasibility of Using Borehole GPR at the Geohydrologic Experimental and Monitoring Site, Lawrence, KS, by Alex Martinez and James J. Butler, Jr.
Report to United States Department of Interior, National Park Service: Petroleum Geology and Oil and Gas Operations in Chase County with Emphasis on the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, by Timothy R. Carr
High-Resolution Seismic Survey of the Minneola Complex, Southwest Kansas, by Joseph M. Kruger
PC-Based Reservoir Simulation using U.S. Department of Energy's BOAST 3 and Enhanced Post Processing Tools, by Saibal Bhattacharya and Paul Gerlach
Internet for the Petroleum Industry, by Tim Carr, Dana Adkins-Heljeson and Ken Stalder


1997 Kansas Oil and Gas Production:An Examination of the Importance of Stripper Production by Timothy R. Carr and Paul M. Gerlach
Improved Oil Recovery in Mississippian Carbonate Reservoirs of Kansas--Near Term--Class 2, by Timothy R. Carr, G. Paul Willhite, Dana Adkins-Heljeson, Scott Beaty, Saibal Bhattacharya, Evan Franseen, Paul Gerlach, Willard Guy, John Hopkins, W. Lynn Watney, Rodney Reynolds, Shapour Vossoughi, and G. Paul Willhite.
Source Code for the Pseudoseismic Transform, by John F. Hopkins
Oil-gravity and Depth Data for Oil Fields in the Forest City Basin of Northeastern Kansas, Southeastern Nebraska, and Northwestern Missouri, by K. David Newell
Digital Petroleum Atlas Annual Report--1996, by Lee C. Gerhard, Timothy R. Carr, W.Lynn Watney, Paul Gerlach, Dana Adkins-Heljeson, Willard Guy, Joseph M. Kruger, Ken Stalder, Saibal Bhattacharya and Wyatt Weeks


Seismic Modeling in the Minneola Complex, Ford and Clark Counties, Kansas: Differentiating Thin-Bedded Morrow Sandstones From Shale in Lower Pennsylvanian Channel Fill, by Joseph M. Kruger
A High-Frequency Ground-Penetrating Radar Study of The Drum Limestone, Montgomery County, Kansas, by Joseph M. Kruger, Alex Martinez, and Evan K. Franseen
The Future of Scientific Communication in the Earth Sciences: The Impact of the Internet, by Timothy R. Carr, Rex C. Buchanan, Dana Adkins-Heljeson, Thomas D. Mettille, and Janice Sorensen
Three-Dimensional Characterization of a Fluvial Sandstone Reservoir Analog in Northeast Kansas Using High-Resolution Ground-Penetrating Radar, by Alex Martinez, D. Scott Beaty, Howard R. Feldman, and Joseph M. Kruger
Distribution and thickness of the Cimarron Salt (Lower Permian) in southern Stafford and northern Pratt Counties, Kansas, by Alex Martinez, Neil L. Anderson, and Tim Carr


Kansas Oil and Gas Production Trends 1995, by Timothy R. Carr and Doug Beene
The Use of Computer Workstations in the Study of Environmental Geology: Integration of Geophysical and Geologic Data, by Alex Martinez, John F. Hopkins, Howard R. Feldman, Alan J. Feltz, Tim Carr, John H. Doveton, David R. Collins, Ross Black, and Neil L. Anderson
no number
2-D and 3-D Pseudo-Seismic Transforms of Wireline Logs: A Seismic Approach to Petrophysical Sequence Stratigraphy, by Tim Carr, John Hopkins, Howard Feldman, Alan Feltz, John Doveton, Dave Collins


Kansas Oil and Gas Production Trends, by Timothy R. Carr


Regional gamma-ray gray-tone intensity images of the Permian-Cretaceous sequence of western Kansas, by David R. Collins, John H. Doveton, and P. A. Macfarlane


Midcontinent core workshop; integrated studies of petroleum reservoirs in the midcontinent, Midcontinent AAPG section meeting, Wichita, Kansas


Reefs, Banks and Bioherms: A Genetic and Semantic Continuum, by Lee G. Gerhard and Randolph Burke


Texaco Poersch #1, Washington County, Kansas--Preliminary geologic report of the pre-Phanerozoic rocks, by Pieter Berendsen, Roger M. Borcherding, John Doveton, Lee Gerhard, K. David Newell, Don Steeples, and W. Lynn Watney
88-8 (Acrobat PDF, 11.6 MB)
Net shale map of Simpson Shale, by M.E. Wilson and Pieter Berendsen
88-7 (Acrobat PDF, 14.1 MB)
Isopach map of Maquoketa Shale, by M.E. Wilson and Pieter Berendsen
88-6 (Acrobat PDF, 15.8 MB)
Isopach map of Chattanooga Shale, by M.E. Wilson and Pieter Berendsen
88-5 (Acrobat PDF, 8.5 MB)
Net shale map of Northview Shale, by M.E. Wilson and Pieter Berendsen

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