Kansas Oil and Gas Production Trends 1995

Kansas Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-42

Tim Carr and Doug Beene

This report serves as a continuation of earlier reports on production trends in the Kansas oil and gas industry (Carr, 1994a, b). Data are derived from the files of the Kansas Geological Survey, which are maintained by Doug Beene, from the publications and on-line data of the Energy Information Agency, and from various published sources. This report updates and supplements information provided in previous reports.

These questions will be addressed in the report.

What is the value of oil and gas production to Kansas?
How important is oil versus gas production in Kansas?
How important are oil and gas production to state and county tax revenues?
What are the important stratigraphic horizons that produce oil and gas in Kansas?
What is the geographic distribution of oil and gas production in Kansas?
What is happening in Kansas oil and gas production?

Sect. 2