Interactive Oil and Gas Maps

The KGS has developed several interactive mapping programs using ArcIMS to explore the oil and gas resources of Kansas interactively over the web. These web pages should work in any web browser and are efficient enough to be used over most internet connections. Pop-up blockers will interfere with some of the features of these maps.

Oil and Gas Wells and Fields
Our new oil and gas mapping system is based on a more-friendly mapping system. Try it out! Use the link above, or use the links on every field and well page. Please cancel the dialog when the map asks for a name and password. You may have to cancel it twice. The name and password is a bug we are trying to fix.
Well Tops
Well tops are displayed from our master list of oil and gas wells. A pull-down menu shows the various units that can be mapped. The points mapped can be colored based on the top value or the value corrected to sea level. Tops are available primarily for western Kansas, and for a limited number of units, though an increasing number of values are being entered for eastern Kansas.

GIS files of the oil and gas fields are available here. If you are interested in other GIS coverages, please contact the GIS clearinghouse for the State of Kansas: the Data Access and Support Center.