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Geophysical Atlas of Selected Oil and Gas Fields in Kansas

Neil L. Anderson and Dennis E. Hedke, editors

D. L. Baars, Michael L. Crouch, William A. Miller, Frank Mize, and Larry J. Richardson, assistant editors

Kansas Geological Survey and Kansas Geological Society, co-publishers

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Originally published in 1995 as Kansas Geological Survey Bulletin 237. This is, in general, the original text as published. The information has not been updated. The volume is available as a large Acrobat PDF version (176 MB).



Introduction and Overview of the Atlas Papers, by K. David Newell and Neil L. Anderson

Overview of Petroleum Geology and Production in Kansas, by K. David Newell

Basement Tectonic Configuration in Kansas, by D. L. Baars

Basement Control of Selected Oil and Gas Fields in Kansas as Determined by Detailed Residual Aeromagnetic Data, by S. Parker Gay, Jr.

Geophysical Model from Potential-field Data in Montgomery County, Kansas, by Jianghai Xia

Midcontinent Rift System in Northeastern Kansas, by Timothy S. Woelk and William J. Hinze

Forward Seismic Modeling--Applications and Utility, by Neil L. Anderson, Dennis E. Hedke, and Ralph W. Knapp

Amplitude Variation with Offset, by Ralph W. Knapp, Dennis E. Hedke, and Neil L. Anderson

Comparison of High-resolution and Conventional-resolution Seismic Data--Application to Cyclothems, by Ralph W. Knapp and Neil L. Anderson

Depositional and Stratigraphic Analysis of Kansas City Group Strata Utilizing High-resolution Seismic Imaging, Montgomery County, Kansas, by Evan K. Franseen, Howard R. Feldman, Neil L. Anderson, and Richard D. Miller

Seismic Response of the East Flank of the Central Kansas Uplift, Rice County, Kansas, by Nelda L. Haraldson, Ralph W. Knapp, and K. David Newell

Seismic Response of Pennsylvanian Cyclothems in Douglas County, Kansas, by Ralph W. Knapp, W. Lynn Watney, and John A. French

Seismic Signature of the Hutchinson Salt and Associated Dissolution Features, by Neil L. Anderson, W. Lynn Watney, P. Allen Macfarlane, and Ralph W. Knapp

Plastic Deformation and Dissolution of the Hutchinson Salt Member in Kansas, by Neil L. Anderson, Ralph W. Knapp, Don W. Steeples, and Richard D. Miller

Shallow Seismic-reflection Study of a Salt-dissolution Subsidence Feature in Stafford County, Kansas, by Richard D. Miller, Don W. Steeples, and Thomas V Weis

Cheyenne Bottom Basin--Geophysical Study of a Natural Land-sink Area in Central Kansas, by Dean Keiswetter, Rob Sporry, Neil L. Anderson, Tom McClain, and Richard D. Miller

Feasibility and Resolution of Shallow Seismic-reflection Techniques in Northwestern Franklin, Southeastern Douglas, and Osage Counties in Kansas, by Richard D. Miller and Thomas V. Weis

Garfield Prospect, Lippelmann Field, Decatur County, Kansas, by Michael L. Crouch

Minneola Complex, Ford and Clark Counties, Kansas, by Stacy L. Clark

Roland SE Field, Rush County, Kansas, by David W. Ballard and Kevin K. Reinschmidt

Seismic Expression of a Subtle Stratigraphic Trap, Lexington Field, Clark County, Kansas, by Larry J. Richardson and Dennis E. Hedke

Seismic Expression of the Damme Field, Finney County, Kansas, by William A. Miller, Mark G. Lehrer, and Carmen J. Porter

Stockholm SW Field, Greeley/Wallace Counties, Kansas, by William A. Miller, Emily M. Hundley-Goff, and Lawrence G. Brown

Exploration Case History, Coats South Area, Barber County, Kansas, by Dennis E. Hedke, I. Wayne Woolsey, and L. A. Nicholson

Seismic Support Leading to Discovery and Development of Strahm South Field, Forest City Basin, Northeastern Kansas, by Dennis E. Hedke

Case History of Hampton Field (Arbuckle Group), Rush County, Kansas, by Timothy R. Carr, John Hopkins, Neil L. Anderson, and Dennis E. Hedke

Case History of Walta Field (Simpson and Mississippian), Sumner County, Kansas, by Timothy R. Carr, Neil L. Anderson, and Tim Pulliam

Cherokee Sandstone Reservoir, Southeastern Kansas, by Ralph W. Knapp, Neil L. Anderson, and John Youle


When Neil Anderson and Dennis Hedke approached the Survey and the Society for support of a Geophysical Atlas of Selected Oil and Gas Fields in Kansas, we were unsure as to the breadth and "depth" of the venture, but knew that the project would be in capable hands. The results of the four years of work to develop this volume are a comprehensive look at the potential for geophysical methods to influence exploration and development of petroleum plays in Kansas. Neil and Dennis have compiled background information and general geological settings, technology of geophysical methods, and applications of geophysical methods, mainly seismic, to the exploration and development of Kansas oil fields and stratigraphy. One of the unique aspects of this volume is the inclusion of case studies of potential fields for exploration and discussions of how geophysics "works."

Modern seismology has many uses beyond simple exploration and development of petroleum resources. Papers demonstrating use of reflection seismology to diagnose environmental impacts of both development and natural processes have been included in this book and should be useful to a large audience. These papers demonstrate both site-specific techniques and the use of shallow-reflection seismology to address environmental issues.

Cooperative ventures such as this are possible only by the commitment of individuals and organization's toward providing the tools, technology, and information necessary for the Kansas industry to better explore for and produce Kansas natural resources. It is noteworthy that of the 27 papers in this book, 12 are written by Survey authors, 10 by Society authors, and five are joint ventures. Compilation and editing of the papers and the final printing of this volume was under the direction of Rex Buchanan, Assistant Director for Publications and Public Affairs; Marla Adkins-Heljeson, Editor; and Jennifer Sims, Graphic Designer, at the Kansas Geological Survey. Past-Presidents of the Kansas Geological Society who have contributed to the project are Bill Shepherd, Jerry Langrehr, Alan DeGood, Brad Rine, and Paul Gunzelman.

The Kansas Geological Survey and the Kansas Geological Society are proud to present these results of our extensive joint venture to publish an assessment of the use of geophysics for Kansas petroleum exploration and development. We hope that operators and scientists alike will better understand how to increase efficiency and cost-benefits of use of geophysics in cratonic settings in a mature petroleum-producing region. As our industry moves further into 3D seismic and other advanced techniques, this volume should serve as a base from which to adapt more advanced geophysical methods to Kansas geology.

Lee C. Gerhard, State Geologist and Director, Kansas Geological Survey
Robert O'Dell, President, Kansas Geological Society

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