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News Releases from the KGS Concerning Oil and Gas

April 4, 2018--Kansas Oil and Gas Production Continued to Decline in 2017

March 31, 2017--Kansas Oil and Gas Production Down in 2016

May 18, 2016--Kansas Oil Production Drops Significantly, Gas Production Down Slightly in 2015

April 27, 2015--Kansas Oil Production Up, Natural Gas Production Continued Decline in 2014

Nov. 10, 2014--Kansas Geological Survey to Test Use of CO2 in Oil Recovery and Storing It Underground

Sept. 8, 2014--New Book Explains How Data Analysis Can Aid In Oil and Gas Exploration

June 2, 2014--Kansas Oil Production Up, Natural Gas Production Slightly Down in 2013

May 3, 2013--Kansas Oil Production Up, Natural Gas Production Down in 2012

Aug. 2, 2012--Geological Survey Drilling SW Kansas Well to Assess CO2 Sequestration Potential

May 4, 2012--Kansas Oil Production Up, Gas Production Continues Decline in 2011

Dec. 2, 2011--Kansas Geological Survey receives $11.5 million to test storage of CO2 underground

Nov. 7, 2011--Kansas Geological Survey Drilling Horizontal Well to Study Containment of CO2 Underground

June 30, 2011--Kansas Oil Production Rises, Gas Production Declines in 2010

Feb. 8, 2011--Kansas Geological Survey receives additional $5 million to study CO2 storage

Dec. 30, 2010--Kansas Geological Survey receives grant to test tool for predicting CO2 storage potential

Nov. 23, 2010--Kansas Geological Researchers Search for Trapped Oil in Central Kansas

June 10, 2010--KGS Geologists Recognized for Presentation on CO2 Sequestration and Enhanced Gas Production in Coal Beds

Oct. 26, 2009--Kansas Geological Survey receives $5 million grant to study CO2 storage

Sept. 18, 2009--New Maps of Kansas Oil and Gas Fields Now Available

March 13, 2009--Kansas Oil and Gas Production Rises in 2008

Feb. 27, 2009--Kansas Geological Survey gets funding to test new oil production methods

Oct. 27, 2008--Interactive Oil and Gas Map Showing Fields and Wells Now Available

June 16, 2008--Gas Production Up in Southeast Kansas; Central Kansas Counties Produce Most Oil

April 24, 2007--Prospects of Hugoton Natural Gas Field Enhanced

March 19, 2007--New Online Program Helps Collect Oil and Gas Data

Dec. 22, 2006--Oil Production up in 2006, Survey Reports

Feb. 14, 2006--Value of 2005 Kansas Oil and Gas Production Hits $4.7 Billion

Feb. 1, 2005--Oil and Gas Value Hits New High

Oct. 18, 2004--Scientists to Study Gas from Trash

Sept. 16, 2004--Oil Prices Lead to More Drilling, Production

Feb. 26, 2004--FutureGen (Zero-emissions Fossil Fuel Plant) Meeting in Kansas

Nov. 25, 2003--Oil recovery test to begin Dec. 4; could result in $1 billion economic impact

Oct. 7, 2003--GEMINI Software Now Available from Survey

Sept. 22, 2003--Survey Receives $2.3 Million DOE Grant

Sept. 2, 2003--Energy Data Available from KGS

Jan. 15, 2003--Kansas Now Energy Importer, Says New Energy Council Report

Dec. 16, 2002--Tests to Begin on Russell County Oil Field

May 24, 2002--Oil Production Steady, Natural Gas Production Drops, According to Survey Statistics

Dec. 6, 2001--Coalbed Methane Providing More Energy in Kansas, Geologist Says

Nov. 20, 2001--KU Researchers Awarded Dept. of Energy Contract

Aug. 17, 2001--Survey Receives DOE Grant to Study Wellington West Field

Feb. 14, 2001--Kansas Oil, Gas Production Up Slightly

Sept. 28, 2000--Planning for Kansas' Energy Security--Testimony presented to the Special Committee on Utilities

Sept. 25, 2000--KU Scientists Begin Drilling in Russell County

July 27, 2000--KU Researchers Receive Major Grant

June 28, 2000--Energy Researchers Receive Major Grant

June 26, 2000--Higher Oil Prices Boost Drilling

Oct. 15, 1999--KU Energy Researchers Receive $1.9 Million Grant from DOE

Oct. 8, 1999--Oil and Gas Prices Bounce Back, But Production Doesn't

Dec. 18, 1998--1998 Kansas Oil Production Plummets

Nov. 20, 1998Oil, Gas Production Decline in First Part of 1998

Sept. 18, 1998--Lower Prices Taking Toll on Oil Business

Dec. 5, 1997--Horizontal Wells Hit Kansas

Dec. 6, 1996--Geologists Receive Dept. of Energy Grant

Sept. 6, 1996--Short Course About the Net

April 26, 1996--Geologists Gather to Model Underground Geology

March 20, 1996--Log-analysis software available from the Survey

Feb. 20, 1996--Geologist writes about risk in the oil business

Dec. 1, 1995--Short Course will let Geologists Surf the Net

Oct. 18, 1995--Survey Receives Grant for Oil/Gas Atlas

Aug. 31, 1995--Natural Gas Production Up, Oil Down in 1994

Jul. 19, 1995--Short Course Will Let Geologists Surf the Net

Nov. 28, 1994--KU Receives $3.2 Million Grant from Dept. of Energy

Oct. 31, 1994--Tim Carr Named New Co-Director of Energy Research Center

Oct. 27, 1994--KGS TO Unveil Major Hugoton Gas Field Study Proposal

Oct. 25, 1994--New Maps Show Oil and Gas Fields' Producing Horizons

Oct. 9, 1994--Natural Gas Production Up, Oil Production Down in 1993