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News Release, Kansas Geological Survey, Dec. 1, 1995

Short Course will let Geologists Surf the Net

LAWRENCE--Oil and gas producers will get an one-day introduction to the information superhighway at a December 8 short course at the University of Kansas Regents Center in Overland Park.

The course, sponsored by the KU Energy Research Center, is organized by Tim Carr, chief of the petroleum research section at the Kansas Geological Survey and co-director of the KU Energy Research Center. It will introduce geologists to energy information available over the Internet, the electronic network that connects a variety of academic institutions, businesses, and individuals.

"This will be a chance for oil and gas producers to learn how to surf the 'net," said Carr. "We want people to learn what kinds of information are available, and how to navigate the Internet to get to that information."

The course will be taught at the KU Regents Center at 127th and Quivira in Overland Park. Participants will use Regents Center computers to send electronic mail, obtain data, and explore other resources available over the Internet.

Staff from the Kansas Geological Survey and the Energy Research Center will discuss the computer hardware and software necessary to gain access to the Internet, the format of networks such as the World Wide Web, and the data bases on Kansas oil, gas, and other energy-related information that is currently available on-line.

Enrollment in the course is limited 40 participants. For more information, contact Tim Carr at the Kansas Geological Survey (785-864-9365) or e-mail ( The course is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy as an activity of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council.

For more information, contact Rex Buchanan, (785) 864-3965

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