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News Releases from the KGS Concerning Maps and Publications

Sept. 5, 2018--Kansas Geological Survey Report Assesses Health of the High Plains Aquifer

March 12, 2018--Geologic Names Updated for Period with Glaciers, Camels, and First People in Kansas

Dec. 10, 2015--New Survey Publication Defines Origin of Red Beds in Southwest Kansas

July 13, 2015--Geologic Map for Pawnee County Now Available

Dec. 21, 2010--Geologic Map for Geary County now available

July 30, 2010--New Publication Lays Out Permian Geology in Kansas

July 6, 2010--Geologic Map of Finney County Now Available

Jan. 13, 2010--Geologic Map of Ford County Now Available

Sept. 18, 2009--New Maps of Kansas Oil and Gas Fields Now Available

July 22, 2009--New Book Provides Unique Photographic Perspective of Kansas

Feb. 17, 2009--Geologic Map of Morton County Now Available

Dec. 11, 2008--Geologic Map of Crawford County Now Available

July 9, 2008--Maps of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Now Available

May 8, 2007--Environmental Trends and Historic Climate Changes Focus of New Book

Jan. 11, 2007--New Map of Barber County Available

Aug. 8, 2006--New Fossil Book Highlights Kansas Invertebrates

May 11, 2006--New Map of Osborne County Released

June 24, 2005--New Map of Chase County Available

Jan. 18, 2005--Survey Releases Landslide Maps for Area West of Leavenworth

May 27, 2004--Aquifer's Replenishment Rate is Low, Says New Survey Report

April 26, 2004--New Maps of Kearny, Hamilton Counties Available

April 4, 2003--Survey Releases New Map of Bourbon County

March 5, 2003--New Map of Cherokee County Available

March 5, 2003--Survey Releases Map of Atchison-area Landslide Potential

Oct. 9, 2002--KGS Releases New Book on Trace Fossils

Oct. 3, 2002--Geologic Map of Shawnee County Available

Sept. 24, 2002--KGS Releases Cross Sections

Aug. 20, 2002--New Poster Features Kansas Fossils

Feb. 7, 2002--Color Poster of Prairie Preserve Now Available

Jan. 24, 2002--New Geologic Map of Anderson County

Oct. 11, 2001--Comanche County Map Released

April 25, 2001--Topographic Maps of Four Western Kansas Counties Now Available

March 15, 2001--New Book Aims to Bring Science Home to Kansas

Jan. 5, 2001--New Book Focuses on Groundwater in Western, Central Kansas

Jan. 2, 2001--New Map of Graham County Available

Jan. 2, 2001--New Map of Kiowa County Available

Jan. 2, 2001--New Map of Morton County Available

Nov. 9, 2000--New Map of Coffey County Available

June 28, 2000--New Geologic Map of Greenwood County Available

June 28, 2000--New Geologic Map of Woodson County Available

April 21, 2000--Map of Atchison County Landslides Now Available

April 10, 2000--New Geologic Map of Wilson County Available

Oct. 8, 1999--Water Levels Generally Lower In Kansas

July 12, 1999--Topographic Maps of Clinton, Perry Lakes Now Available

June 21, 1999--Survey Produces New Map of Wyandotte County Geology

June 15, 1999--Complete Topo Maps of Kansas Reservoirs Now Available

Feb. 24, 1999--New Geologic Map of Leavenworth County Completed

Feb. 2, 1999--Survey Releases Book on Industrial Minerals

Jan. 12, 1999--New Geologic Map of Labette County Available

Dec. 21, 1998--New Cheyenne County Topographic Map Available

Dec. 21, 1998--New Book Describes Kansas Rock Formations

Dec. 8, 1998--New Maps of West-Central Kansas Counties Available

Nov. 25, 1998--Water Levels Decline in Some Areas, Up in Others

Nov. 23, 1998--KGS Releases Report on Water Potential from the Dakota Aquifer

Sept. 4, 1998--New KGS Book Promotes Fresh Look at State's Water Policy

July 27, 1998--Great Bend Sand Prairie Book Released

Apr. 20, 1998--Report on Northeast Kansas Groundwater Now on Available

Nov. 24, 1997--New topographic maps of three western Kansas counties now available

Sept. 3, 1997--Survey Produces New Map of Elk County

Aug. 8, 1997--Survey Releases Book on Geology in Wichita

May 23, 1997--Kansas Survey to Host Map Conference

Dec. 16, 1996--New Map of Stafford County Available

Dec. 10, 1996--New Map of Ness County Available

Sept. 5, 1996--New Map of Montgomery County Available

July 2, 1996--Survey Releases Geophysical Atlas

May 15, 1996--Survey Releases New Map, Report on Russell County

Dec. 26, 1995--New Chautauqua County Map Available

Nov. 20, 1995--Survey Releases New Publication on Kansas Climate

Jul. 18, 1995--New Map of Edwards County

Jul. 18, 1995--New Map of Ness County Available

May 10, 1995--New Minerals Map Available

Jan. 22, 1995--New Map of Riley County Available

Dec. 16, 1994--Kansans Author Grand Canyon Book

Oct. 25, 1994--New Maps Show Oil and Gas Fields' Producing Horizons