Link to story on CO2 injection project; image is part of map of study area.


  • Three small quakes Thurs., Nov. 20, between Harper and Anthony, KS: 2.4 at 9:13 AM, 3.0 at 2:36 PM, and 2.5 at 10:39 PM; see our Earthquakes page for details.
  • Three small quakes Wed., Nov. 19, near Harper and Anthony, KS: 2.7 at 2:18 AM, 2.1 at 5:40 PM, and 2.3 at 10:05 PM; see our Earthquakes page for details.
  • State of Kansas Seismic Action Plan from the Induced Seismicity State Task Force available from the Kansas Corporation Commission.
  • Resources on Induced Seismicity--the KGS presents these links to help people learn about induced seismicity, or earthquakes somehow created or triggered by actions of humans.