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Production from Kansas Oil and Gas Fields

This page allows you to search for information on oil and gas fields of Kansas. The searches will return links to all of the data we have for the oil and gas field(s) that match your query.

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Note: Formal and informal names are used;
not all reservoirs for all fields are in our database.

Files contain all active fields in Kansas, producing zones, initial discovery date, total oil and gas production, and annual production, separated into decades. Similar files are linked to the County Production or Lease Production web pages.

Shapefile of oil and gas fields: (June 28, 2024)

New field info from Kansas Nomenclature Committee. Fields are named by the Kansas Geological Society's Nomenclature Committee, currently headed by John Morrison of the Independent Oil and Gas Service, Wichita.


Kansas Geological Survey

Data from Kansas Dept. of Revenue.