Oil and Gas Fields Added, November 2022
Fields are named by the Kansas Geological Society's Nomenclature Committee,
currently headed by John Morrison of the Independent Oil and Gas Service, Wichita.

Map shows location of wells in new field discoveries, November 2022

Field Well Operator API Number Latitude, Longitude S-T-R Pay Zone
Place Place A-26 Arcadian Resources LLC 15-015-24169 37.843683, -96.6354 26-25S-7E Mississippian
KMM KMM 1-22 Murfin Drilling Co. 15-023-21574 39.775611, -101.675703 22-3S-39W Lansing-Kansas City
Flora Creek Land Flora 1-24 Black Rock Resources LLC 15-063-22401 38.907354, -100.26191 24-13S-27W Lansing-Kansas City
Rothfelder South The Shawshank Redemption 1 Palomino Petroleum 15-171-21297 38.291646, -101.013418 30-20S-33W Marmaton