Arkansas River, 1995

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NovCare 2015: Novel Methods for Subsurface Characterization and Monitoring: From Theory to Practice. To be held at The Oread Hotel, May 19-21, 2015 More info...

Bulletin 260, Water Resources of the Dakota Aquifer in Kansas, by Donald O. Whittemore, P. Allen Macfarlane, and Blake B. Wilson. News release also available.

Public Information Circular 18 Updated--The High Plains Aquifer, by Rex C. Buchanan, B. Brownie Wilson, Robert R. Buddemeier, and James J. Butler, Jr.

Open-file Report 2015-1, Integrated Groundwater/Surface Water Model for the Lower Republican River Basin, Kansas: A Progress Report, by Andrea Brookfield and Brownie Wilson

Public Information Circular 35--Kansas Droughts: Climatic Trends Over 1,000 Years, by Anthony L. Layzell and Catherine S. Evans

Water research at the University of Kansas:

New Geological Survey Online Atlas Underscores Water Concerns in Kansas

KU Hydrogeology Program--a cooperative program with the KU Department of Geology to teach and mentor students in hydrogeology