Precambrian Wells Archive Data Format

Below is a description of the columns saved. The files are comma-delimited text files.

KIDUnique ID assigned by the Survey. Not necessarily permanent.
API_NUMBERAPI number assigned by the Kansas Corp. Commission, or from historical records.
API_NUM_NODASHAPI number, formatted with no dashes.
LEASELease name.
WELLWell number.
FIELDOil and gas field name
LATITUDENAD 1927, generated from the legal location.
LONGITUDESome new wells have GPS longitude and latitude.
TOWNSHIPPublic Land Survey System township number, 1-35 in Kansas.
TWN_DIRTownship direction. S (south) or N (north), Always south in Kansas
RANGEPublic Land Survey System range number, 1-43 in west and 1-25 in east.
RANGE_DIRRange direction. E (east) or W (west).
SECTIONThe PLSS section the site is located in: 1-36
SPOT The legal quarter description qualifiers list as NE, NW, SE, and SW, etc..
FEET_NORTHDistance in feet north from the reference location, negative is to south.
FEET_EASTDistance in feet east from the reference location, negative is to west.
FOOT_REFCorner from which the footages is measured.
ORIG_OPERATOROperator of the well at drilling completion. Not usually updated except at workover.
CURR_OPERATORUpdated operator name; may be newer than original operator but not guaranteed to be the current operator.
ELEVATIONThe elevation the well, in feet.
ELEV_REFKB is Kelly bushing, DF is derrick floor, GL is ground level, TOPO is estimate based on digital model.
DEPTHTotal depth of well, not plugged back.
PERMITPermit date.
SPUDDate of drilling start.
COMPLETIONDate of drilling finish.
PLUGGINGDate well plugged.
OIL_KIDKansas Geological Survey ID code of the oil production data, in our Lease database.
GAS_KIDKansas Geological Survey ID code of the gas production data, in our Lease database.
STATUSWell status--type of well. Abbreviation list
STATUS2Additional status info from KCC.
ELEVATION_SURFACESurface elevation as listed in Precambrian database
ELEVATION_PRECAMBRIANRelative to sea level
DEPTH_TO_PRECAMBRIANDepth from surface