Potential-Field Databases

The potential-field database at the Kansas Geological Survey contains 72,000 line-km (45,000 line-mi) of regional aeromagnetic data, and 62,606 gravity-station measurements covering Kansas. Also included is the high-sensitivity aeromagnetic survey of the Joplin two-degree quadrangle (latitude 37° to 38°, longitude 94° to 96°), which covers a nine-county area in southeastern Kansas and a smaller area in extreme southwestern Missouri. All data are in ASCII format and stored on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM can be read by a PC with Microsoft Windows.

The CD-ROM is available for $200.00, plus shipping, handling, and sales tax (if necessary). For orders from within Kansas, contact the Survey's Data Resources Library (785-864-2161 or datares@kgs.ku.edu). For orders from outside Kansas, contact Mary Brohammer (mbro@kgs.ku.edu).

Other Information

KGS Open-file Repts. 96-51 and 97-72
On-line Gravity and Magnetic Maps of Kansas, by Joseph M. Kruger
KGS Map Series M-41
Six processed gravity and magnetic maps, by Jianghai Xia and others
KGS Open File Report 2000-6
Potential-field Database at the Kansas Geological Survey, by Jianghai Xia, Rick Miller, and Dana Adkins-Heljeson
Maps from KGS Bulletin 226
Gravity and magnetics maps of Kansas, originally placed as sheets in Bulletin 226, "Geophysics in Kansas," released in 1989, and edited by Don Steeples