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An Atlas of the Kansas High Plains Aquifer

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This atlas has been prepared by the Kansas Geological Survey with the initial components developed under a contract with the Kansas Water Office for a High Plains Aquifer Evaluation study.  Work is ongoing, and will result in additions to the atlas and possibly modifications to existing sections.  The sections listed below are considered final, and include the contents of Kansas Geological Survey Educational Series 14.  They are also available, with additional components, as Kansas Geological Survey Open-File Report 2000-29.

Additional products of the Kansas Water Office contract include sections on statewide water resource issues that extend beyond the High Plains aquifer: information on surface water reliability and quality and on the aquifers of eastern Kansas are accessible through the Other Kansas Water Resources section at the bottom of this page.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the atlas is accurate and informative, it is not appropriate for use in local, detailed, or highly quantitative analyses.  It does not have official or regulatory status, and should not be used in place of maps that have been subject to technical review and/or official adoption.

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Atlas Sections
(Authors and contributors are listed in each section)
 Surface Water in Kansas and its Interactions with Ground Water
 Aquifers of the High Plains Region
 Predevelopment Saturated Thickness
 Current Saturated Thickness
 Change in Saturated Thickness
 Water in Storage
 Groundwater Availability and Accessibility  Provinces
 Regional Groundwater Quality Provinces
 Estimated Annual Groundwater Recharge
 Current Maximum Authorized Use
 Water Usage
 Kansas Irrigation Systems and Cropping Trends
 Percent of Authorized Quantity Used
 Estimated Usable Lifetime
 Changes in Use Necessary for Sustainability
Supplementary and Technical Appendices
 Aquifer Types and Terminology
 Bedrock Data Sources and Data Processing Methods
 Saturated Thickness -- Concepts and Measurement
 Groundwater Storage and Flow
 Water Table Drawdown and Well Pumping
 Estimated History of Decline in Saturated Thickness

Other Kansas Water Resources
 In-Stream Water Resources and Historic Achievement of Minimum Desirable Streamflows (MDS)
 Preliminary Analysis of Potential Groundwater Supplies

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