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Presentations from 2003 AAPG Meeting in Salt Lake City

Paleotopography and Sea-Level Controls on Facies and Thickness Variability of Transgressive Limestones: Upper Pennsylvanian Merriam Limestone, Northeast Kansas by Edward L. Washburn and Evan K. Franseen
Reservoir Characterization of Mississippian St. Louis Carbonate Reservoir Systems in Kansas, Stratigraphic and Facies Architecture Modeling by Lianshuang Qi and Timothy R. Carr
Stratigraphy, Depositional Environments and Coalbed Methane Resources of Cherokee Group Coals (Middle Pennsylvanian)--Southeastern Kansas by Jonathan P. Lange, Timothy R. Carr, and K. David Newell
Use of Information Technology for Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Permian Gas Fields of the Hugoton Embayment by Timothy R. Carr, Kenneth M. Dean, Martin K. Dubois, Paul Gerlach, Michael H. Maroney, Ernie Morrison, K. David Newell, Kitt E. Noah, and Harald Poelchau
Statistically-based Lithofacies Predictions for 3-D Reservoir Modeling: An Example from the Panoma (Council Grove) Field, Hugoton Embayment, Southwest Kansas by Martin K. Dubois, Alan P. Byrnes, Geoffrey C. Bohling, Shane C. Seals, and John H. Doveton
Cost-effective Integration of Geologic and Petrophysical Characterization with Material Balance and Decline Curve Analysis to Develop a 3D Reservoir Model for PC-based Reservoir Simulation to Design a Waterflood in a Mature Mississippian Carbonate Field with Limited Log Data by Saibal Bhattacharya, Alan, P. Byrnes, and Paul, M. Gerlach
The Role of Moldic Porosity in Paleozoic Kansas Reservoirs and the Association of Original Depositional Facies and Early Diagenesis With Reservoir Properties by Alan P. Byrnes, Evan K. Franseen, W. Lynn Watney, and Martin K. Dubois. Winner of the Jules Braunstein Memorial Award for the best AAPG poster at the 2003 Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah
Online Tools to Evaluate Saline Aquifers for CO2 Sequestration by Timothy R. Carr, Lawrence H. Wickstrom, Christopher P. Korose, R. Stephen Fisher, Wilfrido Solano-Acosta, and Nathan Eaton
Regional Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Lower Pennsylvanian Reservoir Sandstones, Southwestern Kansas, by Galo Aristides Salcedo and Timothy R. Carr
Abstract, PDF
Online Tools to Evaluate Oil and Gas Fields for CO2 Sequestration by L. H. Wickstrom, J. McDonald, R. A. Riley, T. R. Carr, B. Nuttall, J. A. Rupp, W. Solano-Acosta, C. W. Zuppann, B. Seyler

Abstracts only

Will Geoinformatics Change the Way We Work? by M. L. Allison
Geometries, Cyclicity and Facies of a Temperate-Water Carbonate Succession Deposited During Icehouse Conditions: Pliocene Carboneras Basin, Southeast Spain by P. Dillett, R. H. Goldstein, E. K. Franseen
High-Resolution Seismic Imaging of the Hydrate Stability Zone: Mallik, Canada by R. D. Miller, J. A. Hunter, W. E. Doll, B. J. Carr, R. L. Good, R. A. Burns, D. R. Laflen, M. Douma
Paleotopographic Controls on Carbonate Facies During and Interval of Warming Climate: Miocene, Cerro de Ricardillo, Southeast Spain by N.D. Toomey, R.H. Goldstein, and E.K. Franseen





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