Dakota Home Report Archive FY89 Ann Rep

Kansas Geological Survey, Open-File Rept. 90-27
Annual Report, FY89--Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Executive Summary
Geologic Framework
Present Use of the Dakota Aquifer
Plan of Research

Part 1 - Background
Physical Setting
Part 2 - Previous Research
Summary of Previous Stratigraphic Research on the Lower Cretaceous Strata of Kansas and Adjacent Areas
Summary of Previous Research on Dakota Aquifer Hydrogeology and Hydrogeochemistry
Part 3a - Hydrogeology and Hydrogeochemistry of the Dakota Aquifer
The Regional Ground-Water Flow System in Western and Central Kansas with Reference to the Dakota Aquifer
Hydrogeochemistry of the Dakota Aquifer
Part 3b - The Geologic Framework of the Dakota Aquifer
Regional Stratigraphy of the Dakota Formation, Kiowa Formation and Cheyenne Sandstone in Kansas
Hydrostratigraphy and Hydrogeologic Properties of the Dakota Aquifer
Part 3c - Present Use of the Dakota Aquifer in Kansas
Water Availability, and Water- and Energy-Use Patterns and Water-Level Fluctuations in the Dakota and Hydraulically Connected Aquifers
Part 4 - Plan of Research
Future Research Needs
Proposed Plan of Research for the Dakota Aquifer
References Cited
Appendix A. Development and Documentation of Data Bases Pertaining to the Dakota Aquifer
Appendix B. Log Analysis of the Cretaceous-Permian Sequence in Three KGS Observation Boreholes
Appendix C. Feasibility of Detecting Sandstone Lenses in the Dakota Formation by Seismic Reflection, Russell and Ellis Counties
Appendix D. Energy Use in Irrigation and Other High-Capacity Well Systems in the Dakota and High Plains Aquifers
Core Description and Well Log Calibration
Plate 1--Beaumeister
Plate 2--Haberer
Plate 3--Bounds

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