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Free Demo of WinSeis 1.8

WinSeis© software was developed at the Kansas Geological Survey to process seismic data for imaging seismic reflections. The first version of the software (known as Eavesdropper) was built in 1991 and has been improved over the years, turning it into a robust, reliable, and inexpensive software.

We offer WinSeis 1.8 Demo (30-day provisional license for free) for software evaluation, WinSeis 1.8 ExtraLite (with a 90-day provisional license) and WinSeis 1.8 (with a dongle and no time limit). Free v1.8 upgrade to dongle (e.g., SurfSeis) owners. See our WinSeis pages on How to order WinSeis and Pricing and Shipping for additional information.