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Available since 2000, SurfSeis is the product of many researchers and programmers at the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS).

The KGS is a research institute, and SurfSeis is a product of our research. Users can find documentation of our annual research advancements on the KGS website and in the published literature, and those new features are added to SurfSeis as they become available.

SurfSeis is a research and client proven software. It has been advancing and improving based on testing and peer-sanctioned advancements for more than 19 years. With KGS's decade-plus history of research and continuous improvement to this living software package, the facts as we know them and a number of researchers, programmers, and users have expressed to us, we are confident SurfSeis is the most advanced software for surface-wave seismic data analysis. We feel that we have no equal in the world from a technical or service perspective.

By purchasing SurfSeis customers support our further research.

For additional information, please check our "SurfSeis Features" Page.

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