Downloads and Demo Request

  1. Demo Request Form for SurfSeis 2
  2. ReadMe file for SurfSeis 2.0 (Acrobat PDF file, 220 k)[ Updated! ] Oct. 2006
  3. User Manual for SurfSeis 2.0 (Acrobat PDF file, 8 megs)
  4. SurfSeis 1.0 Demo Manual (Acrobat PDF file, 5 megs)
  5. DOS program to convert SEG2 data for use in SurfSeis. ([ Updated! ] March 20, 2001)

Demo Information

A demonstration version of SurfSeis v. 2.0 is available. The demo is a fully functioning copy that can be requested once per customer/company. Please use this form to request the demo, or include the requested information in an e-mail to

The demo has the same full functionality as the regular release SurfSeis software. The demo is active for 30 days after its first installation. During that time it can be run an unlimited number of times using the data we provide with the demo. Several hours of practice are usually sufficient to understand the processes and the software's operational style. This short learning curve is due to the simplicity of the major portion of the processing flow and the automatic determination by the program of many key parameters during processing. A manual for the demo is provided in PDF format on the CD.

The most significant change with the v2.0 demo is that actual data sets have been included, so it is no longer possible to run the demo against your own data. The 30-day demo period remains the same, and the license for the demo is still provided on key disk.

Shipping for SurfSeis Demo

SurfSeis demos will be sent at no charge via regular U.S. Mail or Airmail (unless requested otherwise). If you provide a FedEx account number, we will be happy to ship your demo to you via FedEx.

Jan. 2002 SEGY2FPT.EXE replacement

This is a repaired version of the SEGY2FPT program. No other files are neded for this program to run. Please replace your existing copy.