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Texaco Poersch #1, Washington Co., KS

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I. Introduction

A. Continental rifts

B. Regional Precambrian geological, tectonic, and geophysical setting

C. Regional Phanerozoic structure and tectonics

II. Regional and local geophysical modeling

A. Regional geophysical modeling

B. Local geophysical modeling

C. Synthetic seismogram

D. Local geological setting

III. Geology of the Midcontinent Rift System (MRS)

IV. Petrography and logs

A. Lithologic description of the Poersch #1 samples

B. Log analysis of the Precambrian rocks

V. Discussion and interpretation

VI. Preliminary conclusions



1. Synopsis of continental rifts

2. Geology of the Midcontinent Rift System (MRS)

3. Lithologic log (Acrobat PDF, 472 kB)

4. Wireline logs

A. Gamma ray, neutron, density

B. Spectral gamma ray

C. Spontaneous potential, caliper, resistivity

5. Review of wireline-log responses in igneous rocks and igneous-derived sedimentary rocks

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Kansas Geological Survey, Texaco Poersch #1 Report
Placed on web March 5, 2010; originally published June 1988.
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