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Coal has been produced in Kansas for over 150 years, but coal production peaked in 1917-18. Total coal production has been ~300 million short tons. Mining has occurred both as surface strip mines as well as underground mines up to 700 ft deep.

While coal mining in Kansas is now periodic, the Kansas Geological Survey maintains an archive of this activity as a service to the State of Kansas to assist in locating former mining areas (which can be useful when land undergoes use changes) and evaluating prospects for future production, such as production for critical minerals and rare earth elements useful in high-tech manufacturing and specialty chemical feedstocks.

Methane production from deeper, unmined coal beds (known as "Coalbed Methane" or "CBM") continues to be a significant part natural gas production in the part of Eastern Kansas west of the surface and underground mining activities.

Publications useful for identifying formerly mined areas in Kansas:

Abernathy, G.E., 1944. Mined Areas of the Weir-Pittsburg Coal Bed. Kansas Geological Survey Bulletin 52, part 5, pp. 213-228.

  • Maps of surface and underground coal mines in southeast Kansas. This map shows areal extent of mined lands.

Abernathy, G.E., 1946. Strip-Mined Areas in the Southeastern Kansas Coal Field. Kansas Geological Survey Bulletin 64, part 4, pg. 130-144.

  • Map plate available (pdf). Digitization of text in progress.
  • Maps of surface and underground coal mines in southeast Kansas. This map shows areal extent of mined lands

Brady, L.L., Nuelle, L.M., Haug, D.B., Smith, D.C., Bostic, J.L., and Jacquess, J.C., 1994. Coal resources of the Joplin 1°x 2° quadrangle, Kansas and Missouri. 1:250,000. USGS Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-2426-A.

  • Maps of surface and underground coal mines locations in southeast Kansas (Cherokee, Neosho, Wilson, Labette, Montgomery, Crawford, Bourbon counties)

On-Line Map of Mines in the US, National Mine Map Repository, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (U.S. Department of the Interior)

  • Maps of all mine locations in the US, exclusive of non-construction materials mines (like sand pits, crushed rock quarries and mines). Mines only appear when you have zoomed in to the county-scale.

Geologic Maps of Counties with Historical Coal Production:

Bourbon County (West et al., 2020)

Cherokee County (Bennison, 2002)

Crawford County (West et al., 2008)

Labette County (Bennison, 1998)

Other Studies:

Reports from the KGS Coalbed Methane Project

Tedesco, S.A., 2014. Reservoir characterization and geology of the coals and carbonaceous shales of the Cherokee Group in the Cherokee Basin, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, U.S.A: Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, Colorado School of Mines, 2201 p.

Peppers, R.A., Brady, L.L., 2007. Palynological correlation of Atokan and lower Desmoinesian (Pennsylvanian) strata between the Illinois Basin and the Forest City Basin in eastern Kansas. Midcontinent Geoscience, pp.1-21.

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Brown, W. M., 2003. Stratigraphy, Depositional Environments, and Coal-Bed Natural Gas Resources, Cherokee and Marmaton Groups (Atokan-Desmoinesian, Middle Pennsylvanian), Northeastern Kansas. Unpublished Master’s Thesis, University of Kansas, 278 p.

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Studies by Stratigraphic Interval:


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No Specific Reports


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No Specific Reports

Kansas City

Schoewe, W.H., 1944. Coal Resources of the Kansas City Group, Thayer Bed, in Eastern Kansas. Kansas Geological Survey, Bulletin 52, part 3.


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No Specific Reports



No Specific Reports