Publications and Library Services

Maps, Publications, and Open-file Reports are available from the KGS Publications Sales office, 785-864-3965. Maps and publications are also available at the KGS-Wichita office, 4150 W. Monroe Street, Wichita, 316-943-2343 ext. 200.

New Publications

  • Technical Series 24Midcontinent Carbonate Research Virtual Symposium Extended Abstracts, by Diana Ortega-Ariza, Ibukun Bode-Omoleye, Franek J. Hasiuk, Sahar Mohammadi, and Evan K. Franseen (eds.)
  • Bulletin 264Mississippian Stratigraphic Nomenclature Revisions in Kansas, by Evan K. Franseen, Robert S. Sawin, W. Lynn Watney, Ronald R. West, Anthony L. Layzell, and Greg A. Ludvigson
  • Educational Series 18—Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils of Kansas, by Catherine S. Evans, Susan Stover, and Julie Tollefson. This guide was designed to accompany the Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils of Kansas box available from the Survey.
  • Technical Series 22Status of the High Plains Aquifer in Kansas, by Donald O. Whittemore, James J. Butler, Jr., and B. Brownie Wilson
  • Bulletin 263Quaternary Stratigraphy and Stratigraphic Nomenclature Revisions in Kansas, by Anthony L. Layzell, Robert S. Sawin, Rolfe D. Mandel, Greg A. Ludvigson, Evan K. Franseen, Ronald R. West, and W. Lynn Watney
  • Public Information Circular 36Induced Seismicity: The Potential for Triggered Earthquakes in Kansas

New Maps

  • M-126 Surficial Geology of Miami County, Kansas, by Anthony L. Layzell, K. David Newell, Stephan C. Oborny, Rolfe D. Mandel, and John W. Dunham 2022, scale 1:50,000, News release
  • M-97 (Revised) Surficial geology of Bourbon County, Kansas, by R. R. West and R. S. Sawin, [2002] 2020, scale 1:50,000, News release
  • M-125 Surficial geology of Morris County, Kansas, by R. S. Sawin and R. R. West, 2016, scale 1:50,000, News release
  • M-114 Surficial geology of Pawnee County, Kansas, by W.C. Johnson and T.L. Woodburn; text, geologic-unit descriptions, and cross-section geology by C. M. Phillips-Lander, 2015, scale 1:50,000, News release

Photography Projects

Photo Library
The KGS has created a database to explore the photos taken by KGS staff over the years.
Historical Aerial Photos of Kansas
This database displays the aerial photos stored at the Survey.

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