Moore Hall in Lawrence

Mission Statement

Our KGS Mission Statement describes our overall purpose—what we do and how we do it. Ours is taken from legislative language; it states that we "… conduct geological studies and research and … collect, correlate, preserve, and disseminate information leading to a better understanding of the geology of Kansas, with special emphasis on natural resources of economic value, water quality and quantity, and geologic hazards."

Office Locations

About the Kansas Geological Survey

The Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) is a research and service division of the University of Kansas that investigates and provides information about the state's geologic and groundwater resources. The KGS has no regulatory authority and does not take positions on natural resource issues.

KGS scientists pursue research related to surface and subsurface geology, energy resources, groundwater, and environmental hazards. They develop innovative tools and techniques, monitor earthquakes and groundwater levels, investigate water-quality concerns, and map the state's surface geology. Their analyses, findings, and data are shared with the scientific community and general public through publications, online resources, and presentations. The KGS also houses thousands of oil and gas and water well records filed with the state over several decades as well as thousands of rock cores and cuttings brought to Earth's surface during oil and gas drilling.

The main headquarters of the KGS is in Lawrence on the west campus of the University of Kansas, and the Kansas Geologic Sample Repository is in Wichita. Between the two locations, the KGS has a staff of approximately 115 employees, including 35 student employees. The KGS reports to the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Kansas and has a 12-member advisory council to provide review and guidance.

Rolfe Mandel is Director of the KGS, which has four research sections and several supporting units that provide public services and online resources.


Also available is a listing of Kansas statutes referring to the Survey.