Other Maps and Charts

The KGS has long been among the leaders in developing computerized techniques for producing maps and in the actual production of computer-generated maps for research and for sale. Staff members in Cartographic Service digitize geologic and topographic information for its display on maps; they produce the maps used by staff in research and sold to the public.

Updated STATEMAP Summary sheet for Kansas for FY2018

Classification of Rocks in Kansas
A digital version of the stratigraphic chart from Bulletin 189 is available online in JPEG and PDF formats.
M-118 Geologic Map of Kansas
A digital version of a map available as M-118 (68 x 39 in., scale: 1:500,000) available from the Kansas Geological Survey.
Generalized Geologic Map (postcard)
A digital version of a map available as a postcard and as an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet showing generalized geology.
Physiographic Map of Kansas
Learn about the geography of Kansas using this interactive map.
Kansas Geologic Timetable
What happened in Kansas during the Mississippian Period? How many millions of years did the Jurassic Period last? This digital version of a sheet available (Special Map 10) from the KGS will help you learn the answers to these questions. If you'd like a paper copy, single copies of the 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet are free; multiple copies are 10 cents each. Contact the Publications Sales Office for more information.
Gravity and Magnetic Maps of Kansas
JPEG and TIF versions of gravity and magnetic data from Kansas.
DEM Shaded Relief Map of Kansas
Produced by the State of Kansas Data Access and Support Center at the Kansas Geological Survey
Geologic Maps of Kansas
These pages present a list of the county geologic maps available, sample geologic maps at two sizes, and detailed pages for several counties.