Open-file Reports

Many open-file reports from the KGS Geohydrology Section have been placed online.

Maps and Publications

For a complete list of publications, including those online, please use the Bibliography of Kansas Geology.

Technical Series 22
Status of the High Plains Aquifer in Kansas, by Donald O. Whittemore, James J. Butler, Jr., and B. Brownie Wilson
Bulletin 260
Water Resources of the Dakota Aquifer in Kansas, by Donald O. Whittemore, P. Allen Macfarlane, and Blake B. Wilson
KGS Educational Series 10
Kansas Ground Water--An Introduction to the State's Water Quantity, Quality, and Management Issues, compiled by Rex Buchanan and Robert W. Buddemeier
KGS Special Map 9
General availability of ground water and normal annual precipitation in Kansas
Topographic Maps of Kansas Lakes and Reservoirs
New maps of several of the state's reservoirs are now available. Each map shows the entire lake and the area surrounding it. Previous topographic maps generally included only parts of each lake; to produce a topographic map of an entire lake, customers had to purchase several maps and splice them together.

Public Information Circulars

These circulars address the issues of water resources. A complete list of Public Information Circulars is available on the Publications Index Page.