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This web site has been created in support of the Kansas Geological Survey's Stream-Aquifer Interactions Project. For information on this project, please contact Jim Butler, project investigator.

Major Publications:

Background Reports

Mathematical Derivations of Semianalytical Solutions for Pumping-Induced Drawdown and Stream Depletion in a Leaky Aquifer System by Xiaoyong Zhan and James J. Butler, Jr.

Mathematical Derivations of Expressions for the Total Pumping-Induced Leakage Entering an Aquifer by James J. Butler, Jr.

Evaluation of Stream Depletion Considering Finite Stream Width, Shallow Penetration, and Properties of Streambed Sediments by Vitaly A. Zlotnik, Huihua Huang, and James J. Butler, Jr.

Mathematical Derivation of Drawdown and Stream Depletion Produced by Pumping in the Vicinity of a Finite-Width Stream of Shallow Penetration by James J. Butler, Jr., and Ming-Shu Tsou

Computer Software

A Web-Based Program for Computation of Pumping-Induced Drawdown and Stream Depletion

The StrpStrm model for calculation of pumping-induced drawdown and stream depletion--An executable program to download and sample data.

Kansas Geological Survey, Stream-Aqufer Interactions Project
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