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Kansas Geological Survey, Computer Series Rept. 99-1

The StrpStrm Model (v 1.0) for Calculation of Pumping-induced Drawdown and Stream Depletion

by James J. Butler, Jr., and Ming-Shu Tsou

Program Notes for Web Site Version--Aug. 10, 2000

1. The following files are available for downloading: Download a ZIP file containing all files. [ updated ] (Aug. 10, 2001) Your browser may be already set up to decompress a ZIP file. Commercial software to perform this is available from PKWARE, Inc., the company that invented the format. A web page from a group of people creating shareware or public domain software is available at Info-ZIP.

2. Results obtained with this program are described in KGS Open File Rept. 99-16 (Butler, Tsou, Zlotnik, and Huang 1999, Drawdown and stream depletion produced by pumping in the vicinity of a finite-width stream of shallow penetration, 22 pp.). That open-file report is a copy of a poster presented at the Spring 1999 Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (Butler et al., 1999, Eos, v. 80, no. 17, p. S137). The mathematical model implemented in this program and results obtained with it are described in a Ground Water article (Butler, J.J., Jr., Zlotnik, V.A., and Tsou, M.-S., Drawdown and stream depletion produced by pumping in the vicinity of a partially penetrating stream, Ground Water, v. 39, no. 5, p. 651-659, 2001).

3. This program may not run to completion for the case of very small times and/or an observation well very close to the pumping well. If tau is very small, try increasing this parameter slightly and rerunning the program. If this is not successful, decrease tlimit1 and rerun the program. Setting tlimit1 to 1.E-6 and N=10 will usually resolve this problem without significantly influencing solution accuracy. If the program will still not run, increase the separation distance between the observation well and the pumping well a small amount. This problem is a result of the manner in which the computer handles very large and very small values in the drawdown computations. This problem should not influence program operation for the range of conditions expected in practical applications. Note that a quadratic precision version of this program is available--this program enables increased precision for these conditions but is accompanied by longer run times.

4. The Fortran code (Lahey Fortran 90) is available from the Kansas Geological Survey's Publication and Sales Office (785-864-2157) at a nominal charge. Please request Computer Program Series 99-1.

5. If you have any comments/questions/corrections, please contact Jim Butler at the following address:

Kansas Geological Survey
1930 Constant Ave., Campus West
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66047
Note that this code has been extensively tested at the Kansas Geological Survey. Although we are confident in the accuracy of the code, it is possible that we have overlooked some errors. Therefore, we would appreciate it if users would report any errors to us at the above address.
Kansas Geological Survey, Stream-Aqufer Interactions Project
Last update Sept. 21, 2001
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