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Mathematical Derivation of Drawdown and Stream Depletion Produced by Pumping in the Vicinity of a Finite-Width Stream of Shallow Penetration

James J. Butler, Jr., and Ming-Shu Tsou
Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66047
KGS Open-file Report 2000-8


In this report, the mathematical derivation of the solution of Butler et al. (2001) for drawdown and stream depletion produced by pumping in the vicinity of a finite-width stream of shallow penetration is presented and the definition of the Hunt (1999) leakance parameter is examined. For the sake of generality, the solution is obtained in a dimensionless form. See Butler et al. (2001) for notation definitions that are not given in this report.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Stream-Aqufer Interactions Project
Placed online Aug. 9, 2001
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