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Presentations for the 2006 AAPG Meeting in Houston

Monday April 10

Trends in Gas Content in Eastern Kansas Coals and Implications for Future Coalbed Natural Gas Exploration by K.D. Newell and T.R. Carr

Injection of Biogenic Landfill Gas into Coal Seams for Enhanced Coalbed Natural Gas Recovery and Carbon Sequestration by T. R. Carr, K. D. Newell, J. G. Blencoe, S. Bhattacharya

Application of Large Online Data Sets for Improved Understanding of the Subsurface by T. R. Carr, K. Look, J. Bartley, K. L. Hunsinger

Multiscale Geologic and Petrophysical Modeling of the Giant Hugoton Gas Field (Permian), Kansas and Oklahoma by M. K. Dubois, A. P. Byrnes, G. C. Bohling, J. H. Doveton

Mounds That Are Not Mounds: Build-and-Fill Architecture in Glacioeustatic Sequences by J. Emry, R. Goldstein, E. K. Franseen

Cyberinfrastructure for Earth History by C. Cervato, D. Fils, G. Bohling, P. Diver, D. S. Greer, B. Lambi, J. A. Reed, X. Tang

Discover, Retrieve, and Apply CHRONOS Services for Science by D. Fils, G. Bohling, C. Cervato, P. Diver, D. S. Greer, J. A.
Reed, X. Tang

Age-Depth Plot and ConDoor: Two CHRONOS Data Analysis Tools by G. C. Bohling

Exploratory Analysis of Neural Networks for Facies Discrimination from Logs by G. C. Bohling

Carbonate Lithofacies Prediction Using Neural Network and Geostatistical 3-D Modeling of Oolite Shoals, St. Louis Limestone, Southwest Kansas by L. Qi, T. R. Carr, R. H. Goldstein

Tuesday April 11

Characterization of Seismically-Imaged Pennsylvanian Ooid Shoal Geometries and Comparison with Modern by W.L. Watney, E.K. Franseen, A.P. Byrnes, R.D. Miller, A. Raef, S.L. Reeder, E.C. Rankey

Karst and Fracture Features Affecting Reservoir Performance in a Mississippian Reservoir,
Cheyenne County, Colorado by N. B. Givens, S. Nissen

Integrated Subsurface Carbon Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Natural Gas Recovery Using Cement-Kiln Emissions, Wilson County, Kansas by S. G. Schurger, K. D. Newell, T. R. Carr, J. G. Blencoe

Wednesday April 12

Impact of Improved Seismic Resolution and Signal-to-Noise Ratio on Monitoring Pore-Fluid Composition Changes: CO2-Injection, Hall Gurney Field, Kansas, U.S.A. by A. E. Raef, R. D. Miller, A. Byrnes, W. E. Harrison

Application of New Seismic Attributes to Identify Karst and Fracture Related Compartmentalization: Permian San Andres Formation, Central Basin Platform, West Texas, U.S.A. by E. C. Sullivan, S. Nissen, K. J. Marfurt, C. H. Blumentritt

Integrated Characterization and Simulation of Multi-Section Areas in Hugoton and Panoma Gas Fields by S. Bhattacharya, M. K. Dubois, A. P. Byrnes, G. C. Bohling, J. H. Doveton





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