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Presentations from 2004 AAPG Meeting in Dallas

Build-and-Fill Sequences: Predictable Patterns of Creation and Destruction of Paleotopography in Small-Scale Sequences by Evan K. Franseen and Robert H. Goldstein
Geological and Geochemical Factors Influencing the Emerging Coalbed Gas Play in the Cherokee and Forest City Basins in Eastern Kansas by K. David Newell, Troy A. Johnson, W. Matthew Brown, Jonathan P. Lange, and Timothy R. Carr. Winner of the President's Certificate for Excellence in Presentation for AAPG Energy Mineral Division
Depositional Environments of Lower Pennsylvanian Reservoir Sandstones, Southwestern Kansas by Galo A. Salcedo
2004-19 (PDF file)
Models for Environmentally Sound and Economically Viable Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Opportunities by Timothy R. Carr, Alan P. Byrnes, Martin K. Dubois, and Scott W. White
Geologic Factors Controlling Natural Gas Distribution Related to the January 2001 Gas Explosions in Hutchinson, Kansas by Susan E. Nissen, W. Lynn Watney, Saibal Bhattacharya, Alan P. Byrnes, and David Young
Geostatistical 3D Reservoir Modeling of Mississippian St.Louis Carbonate Reservoir Systems, Kansas by Lianshuang Qi
Theory and Practice of a Web-based Intelligent Agent in the Location of Pay Zones on Digital Well Log Files by John H. Doveton, W. Lynn Watney, and Geoffrey C. Bohling
Collaborative Geo-Engineering Reservoir Characterization and Modeling on the Web by W. Lynn Watney, John H. Doveton, Timothy R. Carr, Geoffrey C. Bohling, John Victorine, JP Pakalapati, Saibal Bhattacharya, Alan P. Byrnes, Glen Gagnon, Ken Stalder, Melissa Morre, Martin K. Dubois, Willard J. Guy and Kurt Look
No number
Regional Mapping of Formation Waters from Brine Chemistry Integrated with Petrophysical Data by J. H. Doveton, D. Adkins-Heljeson

Abstracts only

Variations of in situ stresses as indicators of active fractures and faults by M. L. Allison
Interoperability of Databases and Software Tools: Building Geoinformatics and the Cyberinfrastructure by M. L. Allison, C. Baru
Thermal Regime of the Midcontinent El Dorado Oil Field (Kansas) Interpreted from High Resolution Temperature Logs by J. R. McKenna, D. F. Merriam, D. D. Blackwell
Rates and Character of Opposite-Sense Small-Scale Tectonic Rotations Associated with Sinistral Transcurrent Shear Zones, Cabo de Gata Region, SE Spain by P. Montgomery, E. K. Franseen, R. H. Goldstein, M. W. Hounslow
Use of Relational Database and GIS Tools to Assess Carbon Sequestration Volumes: The MIDCARB Database by B. Seyler, S. M. Frailey, T. R. Carr, J. A. Drahovzal, B. C. Nuttall, J. A. Rupp, W. Solano, L. H. Wickstrom





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