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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 88-39
Great Plains and Cedar Hills Aquifers--Contents

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose of This Report
1.2 Geographic Extent of the Study Area
1.3 Acknowledgements
2.0 Summary of Previous Research on the Great Plains and Cedar Hills Aquifers in the Study Area
2.1 Geologic Investigations Focusing on Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments
2.2 Review of Previous Hydrogeologic Investigations of the Great Plains and Cedar Hills Aquifers in the Study Area
3.0 Methods of Study
3.1 Geologic Framework of the Study Area
3.2 Hydrologic and Water Quality Investigations
4.0 Geologic Setting
4.1 Stratigraphy
4.1.1 Lithologic Description, Thickness and Extent of the Formations
4.1.2 Log Analysis and Petrophysical Properties of the Cretaceous-Permian Sequence in the #1 Braun, Ellis County, (Hays North Monitoring Site)
4.2 Geologic Structure
5.0 Regional Ground-water Flow Systems
5.1 Definition of Regionally Significant Aquifer Systems
5.2 Ground-Water Flow in the Great Plains Aquifer System
5.3 Ground-Water Flow in the Cedar Hills Aquifer
6.0 Regional Ground-water Geochemistry
6.1 Types of Chemical Data Collected and Examined
6.2 Chemical Characteristics of Ground Waters
6.2.1 Chemical Types of Ground Waters
6.2.2 Distribution of Water Types
6.2.3 Relationship between Total-Dissolved-Solids and Chloride Concentrations
6.3 Origin of Dissolved Constituents
6.3.1 Determinations Based on Constituent Relationships
6.3.2 Identification of Salinity Sources Using Mixing Curves
6.3.3 Isotope Studies
7.0 Hydrogeologic Setting at the Monitoring Sites
7.1 Construction of the Multiple-Completion Monitoring Wells
7.2 The Gorham Monitoring Site
7.2.1 Local Geologic Setting
7.2.2 Arrangement of the Piezometers
7.2.3 Hydrologic Conditions
7.2.4 Ground-Water Geochemistry
7.3 The Hill City Monitoring Site
7.3.1 Local Geologic Setting
7.3.2 Arrangement of the Piezometers
7.3.3 Hydrologic Conditions
7.3.4 Ground-Water Geochemistry
7.4 The Hays North Monitoring Site
7.4.1 Local Geologic Setting
7.4.2 Arrangement of the Piezometers
7.4.3 Hydrologic Conditions
7.4.4 Ground-Water Geochemistry
8.0 Water Use from the Great Plains Aquifer and Shallow Disposal of Oil-field Brines
8.1 Water Use from the Great Plains Aquifer
8.2 Shallow Disposal of Oil-Field Brines
9.0 The Potential for Upward Migration of Saline Waters into Shallower Freshwater Zones of the Great Plains Aquifer and Near-surface
9.1 Criteria for Evaluation
9.2 Geographic Areas of Potential Upward Movement of Saline Waters into Shallow Freshwater Aquifers
10.0 Preliminary Conclusions
11.0 Future Research Needs
Appendix A
Appendix B

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Kansas Geological Survey, Dakota Project
Original document dated December, 1988
Electronic version placed online April 1996
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