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High Plains/Ogallala Aquifer Information

Ogallala-High Plains Aquifer Information

This page specifically addresses issues relevant to the western Kansas (Ogallala) portion of the High Plains aquifer, including Groundwater Management Districts 1, 3, and 4, and the adjacent portions of the aquifer. A primary focus of interest is the issue of declining water levels and the implications for long-term water use and management.

Technical Series 22
Status of the High Plains Aquifer in Kansas, by Donald O. Whittemore, James J. Butler, Jr., and B. Brownie Wilson

Public Information Circular 18
The High Plains Aquifer, by Rex C. Buchanan, Robert R. Buddemeier, and B. Brownie Wilson

Groundwater Model for Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 3

The KGS constructed a groundwater model for the Ogallala-High Plains aquifer in Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 3 (GMD3). The first phase of the modeling involved the development of a calibrated transient model that simulated groundwater flow and stream-aquifer interactions during 1947-2007.

KGS OFR 2010-18 (available online)

The second phase of the project involved the application of the transient model to simulate future scenarios for 2008-2068 to provide information for planning and management of groundwater resources in GMD3.

KGS OFR 2012-3 (available online)

High Plains Aquifer Calibration Monitoring Well Program (Index Well Program)

The index well program is a pilot study of an improved approach to measuring hydrologic responses at the local level, particularly in support of efforts to define and manage aquifer subunits.

Ogallala-High Plains Aquifer Support Study Reports

Ogallala Aquifer Technical Support Study--Summary of FY 2007 Activities (pdf file)

Ogallala Aquifer Technical Support Study--Summary of FY 2006 Activities (pdf file)

KGS OFR 2005-26: Hydrogeologic Characteristics and Hydrologic Changes in the Cimarron River Basin, Southwestern Kansas (available online)

KGS OFR 2005-27: Water Quality in the High Plains Aquifer and the Cimarron River in Seward and Meade Counties, Kansas (pdf file)

KGS OFR 2003-41: Data, Research, and Technical Support for Ogallala-High Plains Aquifer Assessment, Planning, and Management (pdf file)

KGS OFR 2003-38: Dynamic Online Access to the High Plains Aquifer Section-Level Database (pdf file)

KGS OFR 2002-25 cover page: Technical support for Ogallala aquifer assessment, planning, and management (pdf file)

KGS OFR 2002-25A: The Kansas water context: Background, description, and summary of work. (pdf file)

KGS OFR 2002-25B: Best estimates of aquifer recharge: magnitude and spatial distribution. (pdf file)

KGS OFR 2002-25C: Calculation of yield for High Plains aquifer wells: relationship between saturated thickness and well yield. (pdf file)

KGS OFR 2002-25D: Exploring relationships between water-table elevations, reported water use, and aquifer lifetime as parameters for consideration in aquifer subunit delineations. (pdf file)

KGS OFR 2002-25E: Climate variation: implications of long-term records and recent observations. (pdf file)

KGS OFR 2002-25F: Scale, uncertainty, and the relationships among basic data, information, and management perspectives. (pdf file)

KGS OFR 2002-25G: Information Sheets and Supplementary Documents. (pdf file

Supplemental Report

KGS OFR 2002-30: Ground-Water Recharge in the Upper Arkansas River Corridor in Southwest Kansas (pdf file)

KGS-GMD4 Pilot Studies

Groundwater availability study in Northwest Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 4 (GMD4). Also visit GMD4's website.


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