Other Projects, Completed Studies

GMD 1 Continuous Monitoring Wells Expansion Project

Data from wells with continuously recorded water levels located in GMD 1.


Research toward sustainability of the High Plains Aquifer region: Coupled Landscape, Atmosphere, and Socioeconomic Systems

Numerical Model of the Middle Arkansas River Subbasin

A calibrated ground-water flow model developed for the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the Kansas Water Office to provide information on the nature of stream-aquifer interactions and the effect of pumpage in the Middle Arkansas subbasin.

High Plains Aquifer Evaluation Project (HPAE)

Upper Arkansas River Corridor Study

Evaluating the fate and transport of the dissolved solids that are contaminating the ground-water resources of the High Plains aquifer in the Arkansas River corridor.

Equus Beds Mineral Intrusion Project

Studying the potential for salt contamination of public water supplies in the Equus Beds aquifer by the Kansas Geological Survey, the Equus Beds Groundwater Management District No. 2, and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.


The Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) is assisting Kansas State University (KSU) in their activities for Upper Arkansas Basin WRAPS (Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy) development, including education for the proposed Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP).

The High Plains Aquifer Information Network

Our collection of links to information, data, and resources related to the High Plains aquifer

An Atlas of the Kansas High Plains Aquifer

An online version of information presented in Kansas Geological Survey Educational Series 14 and Open-File Report 2000-29.