Barometric Response Function Software

by Geoffrey C. Bohling, Wei Jin, and James J. Butler, Jr.

The KGS Barometric Response Function (BRF) software computes a function describing the influence of barometric (atmospheric) pressure variations on water levels in wells and uses that function to filter atmospherically induced fluctuations from observed water levels. The software can also compute earth tide response functions and correct water levels for the influence of earth tides. The software has been developed as part of the Kansas Geological Survey's High Plains Aquifer Index Well Program, a project that has clearly demonstrated the importance of understanding the barometric response of wells in the High Plains aquifer. However, the software is general purpose and can be applied anywhere, provided that relatively long term, regularly sampled water level and barometric pressure records are available.

The software consists of an Excel workbook that serves as a user-friendly front end to a standalone Windows executable program. This zip file contains the Excel workbook (KGS_BRF.xls) and executable (kgs_brf.exe), along with a user's manual (KGS_BRF_Manual.pdf). To get started, extract the contents of the zip file to a folder on your hard drive and then read the user's manual. We have tried to make the manual as concise as possible. If you still have questions after reading the manual, please direct them to Geoff Bohling (, 785-864-2093).

We welcome your feedback on the software, which can also be directed to Geoff Bohling.

Example chart