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Note: the system queries the current version of the database, and so is automatically updated as the databases evolve.

WIZARD--The KGS Water Information Storage and Retrieval Database--or water levels and other information on water wells in Kansas, we now have available WIZARD. Based on the GWSI database from the U.S. Geological Survey, all of the annual KGS and DWR water level measurements will now be found there, as well as all other water well information we have. Help is available on many sections of the WIZARD pages by clicking the . Also see the new User Manual.

WIMAS--Water Information Management and Analysis System--water rights and water use information. WIMAS is a user interface allowing access, analysis, and mapping of Kansas water rights data maintained by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources. For help, see the User Manual.

Water Well Completion Records (WWC5) Database--drillers logs. This database contains information from records submitted by water well drillers to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Since 1975, drilling companies have been mandated by state legislation to provide information including location, type, use, casing, nearest source of contamination, and a lithologic log using the WWC5 form. No water quality data are provided in this database. A good portion of the archived WWC5 records are available online in the form of scanned images. Click to see Status Map.

Kansas Master Ground-water Well Inventory--The Kansas Master Ground-water Well Inventory is a central repository that imports and links together the State's primary ground-water well data sets.

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