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South-central Kansas Geohydrology

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Well Records, continued

Table 37, continued--Records of wells in Harvey, McPherson, Reno, and Sedgwick counties, Kansas (wells are drilled wells unless otherwise indicated under "Remarks").

No. on Pl. 11 Location Owner Depth of well (feet)2 Diameter of well (in.) Principal water-bearing bed Method of lift3 Use of water4 Measuring point Depth to water level below measuring point (feet)6 Date of measurement Remarks (Yield given in gallons a minute; drawdown in feet)
Character of material Geologic subdivision Description Distance above (+) or below (-) land surface (feet) Height above sea level (feet)5
 T. 21 S., R. 1 W.
148SW SE sec. 12J. A. Boese269 McPhersonCy, WD, SSteel plate over casing, south side+0.61,528.217.2514-Mar-44Water reported of good quality
149SW SW sec. 15W. W. Downey86.18ShaleWellingtonCy, WD, STop of casing under platform, north side+0.21,511.422.6514-Mar-44 
150SE cor. sec. 24Herman S. Voth20.036 McPhersonCy, HDTop of wooden box on platform, east side+2.41,506.715.4814-Mar-44Water reported hard, not used
151SE NE SE sec. 31Mary Jones Weaver29.910 McPhersonCy, HDTop of casing, east side+0.71,466.918.7416-Mar-44Pumps dry. Water reported of good quality
152SE NE SE sec. 34H. Schilling28.6  McPhersonCy, HDTop of platform, west side+3.01,50026.9914-Oct-37Dug well. Temp 59°F.
 T. 21 S., R. 2 W.
153SE SE SW sec. 9C. P. Stucky24.18 McPhersonCy, HDTop of concrete curb, east side+0.31,491.013.4617-Mar-44Water reported of good quality
154SE SE sec. 12V. B. Koehn28.236 McPhersonCy, HDTop of 2 x 12, south side of pump pipe+0.91,509.122.0017-Mar-44Reported adequate supply; water hard
(155)SE SW SW sec. 15G. Juhnke18.748SandMcPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, north side+1.01,48615.5820-Oct-38Temp. 57°F. Dug well. Water reported hard
156NW NE sec. 17P. H. Wedel25.010SandMcPhersonCy, WSTop of casing, south side+1.31,478.59.9818-Oct-38 
157SE cor. sec. 17E. W. Schragg1096ShaleMcPherson and WellingtonCy, WSTop of casing, north side+2.0 31.7521-Oct-38 
158SE SE NE sec. 19J. Stucky57.04SandMcPhersonCy, HDTop of casing, east side+1.51,48349.1220-Oct-38Water reported hard
159SE SE SW sec. 20D. Goering50.710Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, west side-4.21,46636.6120-Oct-38 
160SW NE SW sec. 23City of Moundridge2066ShaleWellingtonNNTop of casing0.01,48219.394-Nov-37Yield 13; drawdown 19. Observation well
161SW NE SW sec. 23City of Moundridge25300SandMcPhersonCy, EPTop of manhole, southwest side+1.21,48513.40 4-Nov-37Dug to top of shale. Yield 250 for 6 hours or less. Observation well
162SW cor. sec. 26R. Neihage48.58SandMcPhersonCy, WSTop of casing+0.51,479.025.9028-Oct-38 
163SE cor sec. 28John Stucky57.08Sand, fineMcPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, north side-4.01,476.043.2728-Oct-38 
164SW NE NE sec. 29B. R. Stucky54.318 McPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, west side-2.0 1,474.043.3820-Oct-38 
(165)NE NE NW sec. 29City of Moundridge107.014SandMcPhersonT, EPLand surface  30.2028-Aug-40Yield 125; drawdown 58. Temp. 62°F. Gravel packed
(166)NW NW NW sec. 29City of Moundridge10624 McPhersonT, EPLand surface  27.00Jun-31Yield 400; drawdown 42. Temp. 58°F. Gravel packed. See log
167NE NE NW sec. 29City of Moundridge12938 McPhersonT, EP   39.65Jul-38Yield 300; drawdown 15. See log. Gravel packed. This well later abandoned and filled
168NE NW sec. 29City of Moundridge125.017SandMcPhersonT, EPTop of pump base+2.0  40.9617-Nov-40Yield 275; drawdown 20.31. Gravel packed. Temp. 56°F. see log
169SE SW SE sec. 29Mrs. J. Wedel59.36 McPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, north side-4.31,47841.26 22-Oct-38 
170SE SW SE sec. 29Mrs. J. Wedel53.54 McPhersonNNTop of casing, south side-5.01,473.041.3422-Oct-38 
(171)SE NW NW sec. 30Mrs. J. J. Goering1366Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, northwest side-5.01,467.031.5020-Oct-38Temperature 58°F.
172SE SW SW sec. 30H. P. Goering36.06SandMcPhersonCy, WDAt square valve nut on pipe-3.01,45726.3222-Oct-38 
173SW SE SE sec. 30J. B. Flickner55.08GravelMcPhersonCy, WSTop of casing, north side-2.51,46332.7822-Oct-38 
174NW NE NE sec. 31J. B. Flickner1074Fine sandMcPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, east side-4.01,45833.7722-Oct-38 
175NE cor. sec. 32P. S. Wedel66.58Fine sandMcPhersonCy, WSTop of casing, south side+1.01,48855.9422-Oct-38 
176SW SE SE sec. 32J. W. Strausz57.510SandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, north side+1.01,48457.528-Oct-38 
177SW SE SE sec. 34J. Stucky72.86Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WDTop of platform+1.21,46829.7429-Oct-38 
(178)SE SW SW sec. 36J. V. Ledbetter51.58SandMcPhersonCy, HDTop of casing, east side+0.51,48016.1829-Oct-38Temperature 60°F.
 T. 21 S., R. 3 W.
179SW SE SE sec. 2D. J. Zerger42.88 McPhersonCy, WSTop of lid on casing-3.81,46229.618-Oct-38 
180NW SW SW sec. 6G. A. Heidebrecht 6 McPhersonCy, WSTop of casing, west side+0.51,460.4529.476-Oct-38 
181SW SE SE sec. 9J. Stucky45.48Coarse sandMcPhersonNNTop of casing, north side+1.01,462.232.0818-Oct-38 
182NE NW NE sec. 10N. P. Stucky 46.06Coarse sandMcPhersonC, EDTop of casing, north side-5.01,46329.4318-Oct-38 
183SE NE NW sec. 13A. Waltner43.510SandMcPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, south side+1.31,461.631.1218-Oct-38 
184NW cor sec. 16John Fleming36.56 McPhersonNNTop of casing+0.81,459.930.0713-Jan-39 
185SW NE NW sec. 17Peter Abrahams39.610Coarse sandMcPhersonCy, WSTop of casing, north side+1.01,455.326.486-Oct-38 
186SW NW SE sec. 19H. Pauls25.036 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of platform, north side+0.51,45320.1019-Oct-38Dug well
187NE NE SW sec. 21P. E. Neufeldt   McPhersonNNTop of casing, north side+0.51,46436.1223-Nov-37 
188NE NW NW sec. 22C. H. Kaufman32.536SandMcPhersonCy, WDTop of platform, west side+0.31,45325.1919-Oct-38Dug well
189NE NW NW sec. 23V. B. Goering536Coarse sandMcPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, north side+0.21,45026.3818-Oct-38 
190NE NE NW sec. 24H. B. Goering46.58 McPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, south side-3.51,46329.30 19-Oct-38 
191NW SW SW sec. 25P. A. Wedel43.36SandMcPhersonCy, HDTop of casing, west side-4.51,45225.8022-Oct-38 
192NE NE NW sec. 26O. J. Waltner38.08 McPhersonCy, WSTop of casing, south side+0.21,45025.1520-Oct-38 
193NE cor sec. 27W. J. Kaufman33.0  McPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, east side-6.51,43710.2420-Oct-38Water reported hard
194NE NE NW sec. 27J. H. Vogt39.28 McPherson Cy, WDTop of casing, east side-4.21,44418.2020-Oct-38 
(195)NW cor sec. 29G. G. Franz28.524 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of platform, west side+1.01,45526.3719-Oct-38Temp. 56°F. Dug well
196NE NE SE sec. 30D. G. Unruh23.548 McPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, east side+1.31,46224.2021-Oct-38Dug well. Water reported unfit for domestic use
197SE NW NE sec. 31A. J. Dyck35.06SandMcPhersonCy, WD, SBottom of pump base, south side+1.01,45427.7121-Oct-38Water reported hard
198NW NW sec. 33J. J. Schmidt48.78 McPhersonCy, WWTop of casing, southwest side+0.71,46036.8821-Oct-38 
199SE SE NE sec. 34Anna Goering51.110SandMcPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, north side-4.11,45126.9521-Oct-38 
 T. 21 S., R. 4 W.
200NW SW NW sec. 2E. F. Postier37.048 McPhersonWs, HDTop of board shelter, north side+2.51,465.5  Dug well
201NE NE SE sec. 3Arney Postier1226GravelMcPhersonCy, HD, S   29Aug-36 
202SW SW sec. 9Mrs. Ida Tuxhorn54.136Red shaleNinnescahNNSteel plate in recorder shelter 1,525.439.7211-Nov-37Dug. Observation well
203NW cor sec. 11Harvey Luty456Fine gravelMcPhersonCy, WD, SLand surface0.01,454.022.04-Jan-39  
(204)SW SE SE sec. 11City of Inman8036Coarse sandMcPhersonT, EP   223-Oct-35Two similar wells. Yield each, 75; drawdown 1.65. Temp. 58°F. Gravel packed. See log east well
(205)SE NE sec. 12J. B. Reimer82 Coarse gravelMcPhersonCy, WDLand surface0.01,465.04216-Oct-38Driven well. Temp. 58°F.
206NE SE NE sec. 16J. E. Hildebrandt28.736ShaleNinnescahCy, WDTop of barrel, south side+3.01,47822.286-Oct-38Dug well
207NE SW NE sec. 21J. Fehdray47.06 McPherson and NinnescahCy, WSTop of platform, south side+1.01,46117.7510-Nov-38Water reported hard
208SW NW NW sec. 22C. H. Kaufman32.08 McPhersonCy, WSTop of wooden block under pump base+1.51,4409.118-Nov-38  
209SE NE NE sec. 23S. P. Ediger23.825 McPhersonWs, HNTop of concrete wall, west side+2.21,44020.96-Oct-38Dug well
(210)NW SW SW sec. 23S. G. Unruh1104Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of platform, northeast side+1.01,48514.4719-Oct-38Temperature 57°F.
211SE NW NW sec. 25Mrs. J. P. Enns428GravelMcPhersonCy, WDTop of platform, west side+1.01,44823.1919-Oct-38 
212NW NW sec. 26Geo. P. Regeher23.58 McPhersonCy, HDTop of casing, south side+0.81,44420.1819-Oct-38 
(213)SW SE SW sec. 26J. C. Wiens46.86 McPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, north side-4.01,43717.7521-Oct-38Temperature 58°F. Water reported hard
214NW NW SW sec. 28J. E. Pauls34.86 McPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, north side+1.21,469.122.648-Nov-38  
215SE SE NE sec. 33P. H. Ediger548 McPherson and NinnescahCy, HDTop of casing, north side+0.41,46624.9310-Nov-38Well ends in shale
216SW NE SE sec. 34E. K. Davidson36.536 McPhersonCy, WDTop of platform, east side+1.01,45329.54 7-Nov-38Dug well. Water reported hard
217NE SW NE sec. 36J. J. Enns40.08 McPhersonCy, WS +0.71,45123.1521-Oct-38 
 T. 22 S., R. 1 W.
218SE NE sec. 12Ezra Jantz80.16 McPhersonCy, WSTop of concrete well curb, south side+0.81,505.225.3114-Mar-44 
219NE NE sec. 15J. A. Diller20.736 McPhersonCy, HDTop of well shelter, west side+2.51,46117.2514-Oct-37 
(220)NW NE NE sec. 16A. Hetzke25.536 McPhersonCy, WDTop of platform, east side+1.51,484.024.91 Temperature 58°F.
221SW NE sec. 16City of Hesston888ShaleWellingtonT, EP   437-Oct-37Yield 85; drawdown 45
(222)SW NE sec. 16City of Hesston88.78ShaleWellingtonT, EP   457-Oct-37Yield 60; drawdown 45
223SE SE sec. 16Anna Hertzler80.86Shale WellingtonNNTop of casing, north side+0.41,472.925.857-Oct-37Observation well
(224)NE NW NE sec. 18Frank Pullen516SandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of platform, south side+1.01,455.824.0329-Oct-38Temperature 59°F.
225SW cor sec. 23H. Dillman2530 McPhersonCy, ED, STop of platform, south side+0.51,472.621.4814-Oct-37Temperature 60°F.
226SW SE sec. 24Ira Zoak606ShaleWellingtonCy, ED, S   20  
227NW NE NW sec. 27E. W. Steiner60  McPhersonCy, HDTop of platform, east side+0.21,46727.729-Nov-38Water reported hard
228NE cor sec. 29David Foran7810SandMcPhersonCy, HD, STop of casing, south side+1.01,45828.989-Nov-38 
229NW cor sec. 30A. T. Pourty33.06SandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, west side+0.51,44321.859-Nov-38 
230SE SW SW sec. 33Chas. Besmer17.86GravelMcPhersonCy, WSTop of casing, south side+0.51,431.3813.9530-Jul-38Water reported unfit for domestic use
 T. 22 S., R. 2 W.
231SW SE SE sec. 7P. R. Lorenz100 GravelMcPhersonCy, WDTop of platform, west side0.01,452.633.2228-Oct-38 
(232)SE SW SW sec. 10M. C. Schlender31.88Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WSTop of platform+1.41,452.725.4928-Oct-38Temperature 59°F.
233SW SE SE sec. 11A. H. Kaffman75.29GravelMcPhersonCy, EDTop of casing, east side-4.61,463.934.2328-Oct-38Water reported hard
234SE cor sec. 20G. Jerger73.04 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, south side-4.01,44941.819-Nov-38 
235SW NW NW sec. 26C. F. Hege37.54SandMcPhersonCy, GIr Top of casing, east side0.01,43822.919-Nov-38 
236SE SW NE sec. 30H. Dirks62.64SandMcPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, south side+1.4 40.9416-Nov-38 
237SW SE SE sec. 32Mr. Abbey51.04 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, south side+0.51,426.329.195-Nov-38 
238SW SW SE sec. 34D. H. Lehman47.74 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of platform, south side+0.31,435.534.875-Aug-38 
239SW SE SE sec. 36Owen Jenkins29.624 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing+0.71,446.722.9830-Jul-38Temp. 58°F. Dug well
240SE SE SE sec. 36Owen Jenkins 33.04 McPhersonCy, HNTop of platform +1.51,448.623.1230-Jul-38 
 T. 22 S., R. 3 W.
241NW NE NE sec. 1E. B. Stucky30.38SandMcPhersonCy, WSTop of casing, east side+1.01,44120.3528-Oct-38 
242NW NE NE sec. 3H. A. Goering53.58SandMcPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, east side+4.01,45130.6728-Oct-38 
243SE SE NE sec. 5M. G. Schroeder56.56SandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, south side+1.01,45031.8410-Nov-38Water reported hard
244SW cor sec. 9A. A. Ratzlaff57.08Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, south side+1.01,455.534.8329-Oct-38 
(245)NW NE NE sec. 14J. Brunnel33.58SandMcPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, south side+0.51,436.328.0528-Oct-38Temperature 57°F.
246SE NW sec. 17J. B. Schmidt97.07Sand and gravelMcPhersonNNSteel plate in recorder shelter+3.01,463.443.641-Dec-37Observation well
247SE SW NW sec. 19G. A. Ediger54.58GravelMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of block under pump, south side+1.21,445.122.188-Nov-38  
248SW SE SE sec. 21W. W. Birket54.7SandAlluviumCy, HDTop of pump base+2.51,428.89.8029-Oct-38Driven well. Water reported hard
249NE NE SW sec. 29J. N. Seamans59.0SandAlluviumCy, HDTop of pump base, south side+4.0  12.4016-Nov-38Driven well
250SE SW SE sec. 29H. Ratzlaff SandDune sandCy, HSTop of pump base+3.51,43615.5424-Nov-37Driven well
 T. 22 S., R. 4 W.
251SE cor sec. 3C. C. Wedel40.06GravelMcPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, south side+51,44818.998-Nov-38 
252NE SE NE sec. 4J. B. Schroeder44.86 McPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, south side+1.01,46211.1110-Nov-38 
(253)SE SE sec. 12City of Buhler9848Coarse sandMcPhersonT, EP +4.0 11.27-Jan-38Yield 269; drawdown 7.7. Gravel packed. See log. Well No. 1 (south)
254SE SE sec. 12City of Buhler8848Coarse sandMcPhersonT, EP +5.0 16.024-Mar-38Yield 201; drawdown 2.0. Gravel packed. Well No. 2 (north)
255NW NE NE sec. 13A. T. Reimer45.58GravelMcPhersonCy, WSTop of casing, south side+1.01,443.519.398-Nov-38 
256NW NW SW sec. 14D. T. Ediger48.28 McPhersonCy, WSTop of casing, southeast side+0.81,454.022.547-Nov-38Water reported hard
257SW SW NW sec. 16H. T. Esau76.76 McPhersonCy, HDTop of casing, south side+0.71,482.330.997-Nov-38 
258NE SE NE sec. 20City of Buhler5038Fine sandAlluviumT, EN   205-Sep-27Original yield 50; drawdown 13.9. Gravel packed. See log. Abandoned public-supply well
259SE SE NE sec. 20City of Buhler5538Fine sandAlluviumT, EN   206-Oct-27Original yield 58; drawdown 14.7; 1937 yield 25. Abandoned public-supply well
260SE NE SE sec. 20C. B. Frose48.51.5SandAlluviumCy, HDTop of pump base, east side+2.51,458.811.5916-Nov-38Driven well
(261)SW SW NW sec. 21City of Buhler5348Fine sandAlluviumT, EN   151937Original yield 40. Temp. 59°F. See log. Abandoned public-supply well
262NW NW SW sec. 21E. H. Ratzlaff23.38Coarse sandAlluviumCy, HDTop of casing, south side+0.71,460.716.775-Nov-38 
263NE NE SE sec. 25D. T. Dirks51.0 8 McPhersonCy, HDTop of platform, south side+0.31,44925.558-Nov-38 
264NW NW NW sec. 26Abe Fehdrau38.08 McPhersonCy, HDTop of casing, east side+0.81,46226.727-Nov-38  
265SW cor sec. 26R. G. Marshall41.08SandAlluviumCy, HNTop of casing, east side+0.81,46118.2816-Nov-38 
266SE SW SW sec. 28A. A. Schroeder17.76SandDune sandCy, HDTop of platform, east side+0.81,468.28.375-Nov-38  
267NE NE SE sec. 34A. T. Regier20.38SandAlluviumCy, HDTop of casing, west side+0.61,50310.407-Nov-38 
268SE NE NE sec. 35H. C. Friesen40.06SandAlluviumCy, HDTop of casing, north side+0.81,49711.9816-Nov-38 
 T. 23 S., R. 1 E.
269NW NE sec. 8D. G. Classen12.436ShaleWellingtonC, EInTop of cement floor-5.5  7.9122-Nov-40Temp. 59°F. Dug well. Well ends in shale
270 NW NW sec. 16Newton Ice Co.17.336Fine sand McPhersonC, EInTop of iron well cover0.0 7.2421-Mar-41Temp. 62°F. Dug well. Yield 30; drawdown 12
271SW NE NW sec. 19Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Co.1258ShaleWellingtonCy, SInTop of pump base0.0 4520-Dec-40Reported yield 100. Water reported hard
 T. 23 S., R. 1 W.
(272)SE NE sec. 3H. F. Deschner84.28ShaleWellingtonCy, WD, STop of well cover, south side+0.51,450.124.7614-Oct-37Temperature 60°F.
273SE SW sec. 8G. Lehman35.030 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of well cover+1.51,427.134.091-Oct-37Temperature 59°F. Dug. Observation well.
274SE cor sec. 10Harvey County20.219GravelMcPhersonCy, EDTop of well opening, north side-6.51,437.614.5314-Oct-37Dug well
275SW SW SE sec. 12H. Steinkerchner Estate34.048SandMcPhersonCy, EInTop of cement well cover+2.0 14.6528-Feb-41Temp. 52°F. Dug well. Yield 20
276SW SE sec. 15Benfer-Shambaugh124.06ShaleWellingtonNNTop of casing+0.7 13.9229-Nov-40Temperature 58°F.
277SW SW sec. 20Harvey County School District No. 1540.04Fine sandMcPhersonCy, HNTop of platform+0.81,405.726.1427-Aug-38Temperature 58°F.
278SE SW SW sec. 22R. R. Royer36.68SandMcPhersonCy, EIrTop of casing0.01,413.721.6025-Feb-44For irrigating orchard. Temperature 59°F.
279SE SW SW sec. 22R. R. Royer23.536 McPhersonCy, HDTop of platform, west side+0.31,412.316.823-Nov-38Dug well
280SE SE SW sec. 23Harvey County School District No. 6637.56 McPhersonCy, HPTop of casing+0.51,442.4628.023-Aug-38 
281NE NW sec. 24O. Moorshead87.08ShaleWellingtonCy, GIrTop of cement floor0.0 5.2229-Nov-40Temp. 58°F. Dug well
282NW NW sec. 24O. Moorshead26.7Fine sandMcPhersonCy, WIrTop of platform+0.2 24.926-Dec-40
283SE NW sec. 24O. Moorshead44.76Sand McPhersonCy, WIrTop of platform+0.4  8.4929-Nov-40Temperature 59°F.
284SW cor. sec. 26C. F. Molzen33.96 McPhersonNNTop of casing, north side+2.01,438.2126.8815-Oct-37 
285NE cor sec. 27Park Richardson67.76SandMcPhersonCy, WSTop of casing+1.01,433.628.7218-Jan-44Limited supply. See log
286NW NW NE sec. 28C. E. Rousell388SandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of platform, west side+1.01,412.5129.303-Nov-38 
287NW NE sec. 29Grove Estate406SandMcPhersonCy, HDTop of support under platform+0.81,406.7428.8320-Jul-38 
288NE NW NW sec. 30Ben A. Graber1006SandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, east side+1.01,441.5765.012-Nov-38 
289SW SE SW sec. 31W. Herting604Coarse sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, ED, STop of casing, south side-5.01,398.7028.642-Nov-38 
290NW NW sec. 32City of Newton13024 McPhersonT, EP   5226-Oct-21Yield 250; drawdown 47. Gravel packed
(291)NW NW sec. 32City of Newton12442Sand and gravelMcPhersonT, EPLand surface0.0 44Nov-36Yield 635; drawdown 54, pumped at 310. Temp. 58°F. Gravel packed. See log
292NW NW sec. 32City of Newton12524Coarse sandMcPhersonCy, EP   356-Oct-37Yield 240. Gravel packed
293NW NW sec. 32City of Newton13024 McPhersonT, EP     Yield 610; drawdown 50. See log
294SE NW sec. 32City of Newton12418MediumMcPhersonT, EPLand surface0.01,399.241.0330-Sep-41Yield 425; drawdown 42.5 after 24 hours. Temp. 60 deg. F. See log
295SW NW sec. 32City of Newton12518SandMcPhersonT, EPLand surface0.01,399.038.526-Sep-41Yield 375; drawdown 43 after 24 hours. Temp 60 deg. F. See log
296NE NE sec. 34Dr. A. E. Hertzler47.16 McPhersonCy, HD, STop of casing+0.81,430.418.59-Jun-44Temperature 57 deg. F.

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