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McLouth Gas and Oil Field

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Location and topography

History of the field

Drilling and operating practices

Spacing of wells

Depths to producing zones

Drilling practices

Disposal of gas and oiL

Study of the field

Examination of samples

Well names



Pennsylvanian rocks

Virgilian series

Missourian series

Desmoinesian series

Pennsylvanian datum beds

Top of Oread limestone

Base of Hertha limestone

Top of McLouth sand

Water-bearing zones in Pennsylvanian rocks

Log of Pennsylvanian well.,

Mississippian rocks

Cave deposits in Mississippian rocks

Mississippian or Devonian rocks

Devonian rocks

Ordovician rocks

Producing Zones

McLouth sand

Top of Mississippian limestone

Porous dolomite zone of the Burlington and Keokuk

Other potential producing zones


Resume of structural history of northeastern Kansas

Relation of McLouth field to regional structure

Structure of the McLouth field

Increase of closure with depth

Relation of surface structure to production

Effect of regional dip on the expression of structure by contour lines

Alteration of contour lines in McLouth field by regional dip

Faulting in the McLouth field

Interpretation of structure from the thickness map of the McLouth sand

McLouth Sand


Forest City well

Character of sandstone beds


Well-sorted porous sandstone

Argillaceous sandstone


Massive clay


Clay ironstone


Intraformational breccia


Lithologic zones

Zone A

Zone B

Zone C

Zone D

Zone E

Zone F

Zone G

Paleogeography and Environment of the Forest City Basin During Early Cherokee Time

Environment and origin of shale zones

Environment and origin of sandy zones

Oil and gas Distribution in the McLouth Field in Relation to Structure

Occurrence of gas in McLouth sand

Relation of gas and tar in McLouth sand

Relation of tar and water in McLouth sand

Period of gas and oil accumulation

Distribution of gas, tar, oil, and water in McLouth sand

Occurrence of oil and gas in Mississippian rocks

Oil and gas at the top of the Mississippian

Oil in the dolomite zone

Production of Gas and Oil

Gas production


McLouth pool

North McLouth pool

Ackerland pool

Estimates of ultimate gas production

Relation of pressure in the McLouth gas pools to overburden

Oil production

McLouth Mississippian oil pool

Bankers Life pool

Scattered wells

Character and Origin of Gas and Oil

Analyses of oil

Comparison of McLouth and Mississippian oils in McLouth field with oils from other areas (by N. W. Bass)

Comparison of oils from McLouth field with oils from Falls City field

Analyses of gas

Future Development of Oil in the McLouth Field




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