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Johnson County Geohydrology

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Topography and drainage



Agriculture and industry

Mineral Resources

Stratigraphy of subsurface rocks

Precambrian rocks

Cambrian rocks

Cambrian and Ordovician rocks

Devonian rocks

Mississippian or Devonian rocks

Mississippian rocks

Pennsylvanian rocks

Stratigraphy of outcropping rocks

Pennsylvanian System--Missourian Stage

Kansas City Group--Bronson Subgroup

Kansas City Group--Linn Subgroup

Kansas City Group--Zarah Subgroup

Lansing Group

Pennsylvanian System--Virgilian Stage

Douglas Group

Cretaceous System (?)--Lower Cretaceous Series (?)

Dakota (?) Formation

Quaternary System--Pleistocene Series

Pre-Kansan Deposits

Kansan Stage

Illinoisan Stage

Wisconsinan and Recent Stages

Interglacial Stages

Structural Geology

Ground-water resources

Ground-water recharge and discharge

Chemical character of ground water

Aquifer properties

Availability of ground water

Utilization of ground water

Records of wells, test holes, and springs

Logs of wells and test holes

Selected references

Geologic Map

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Kansas Geological Survey, Johnson County Geohydrology
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