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Americus Limestone Member of Kansas

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Vertical succession of paleoenvironments

Stage 1: Paleoenvironments of the Hamlin shale before inundation

Stage 2: Initial inundation by the epeiric sea

Stage 3: Transition from brackish to restricted marine conditions

Stage 4: Restricted marine conditions

Stage 5: Transition from restricted marine to nearly normal marine conditions

Stage 6: Nearly normal to normal marine conditions

Stage 7: Turbid marine conditions

Stage 8: Normal marine conditions

Lateral distribution of paleoenvironments of the lower Americus Limestone Member

Thickness of shale as an indicator of paleoenvironment

Lithologic texture as an indicator of paleoenvironment

Morphology of boundstone as an indicator of paleoenvironment

Distribution of fossils and other constituents as indicators of paleoenvironment

Effects of structural features



Appendix A: Dunham's (1962) classification of carbonate rocks according to depositional texture

Appendix B: Folk's (1965) classification of carbonate cement

Appendix C: Classification of porosity from Choquette and Pray (1970)

Appendix D: Classification of fractures from Freytet and Plaziat (1982)

Appendix E: Register of localities

Appendix F: Description of the lithology of the Hamlin Shale and the Americus Limestone members in Kansas

Appendix G: Selected measured sections


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