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Cherokee Group of Kansas and Oklahoma

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Purposes of Investigation

Tectonic Setting and Regional Structure

Previous Work

Methods of Study


History of Stratigraphic Nomenclature

Current Stratigraphic Nomenclature



The Banzet Formation--An Informal Rock Unit

Outcrop Descriptions

Oakley shale of the Verdigris Formation

Ardmore limestone of the Verdigris Formation

Bevier member of the Banzet formation

Lagonda member of the Banzet formation

Mulky member of the Banzet formation

Breezy Hill Limestone Member of the Banzet formation

Excello shale

Core Descriptions

Leavenworth County cores

Anderson County cores

Coffey County cores


Geophysical Well-log Analyses

Comparisons with cored intervals

Sandstone determinations

Distributions and Log Characteristics of Rock Units

Extent of black shale markers

Extent of the Verdigris Formation

Extent of the Banzet-Ardmore interval

Distribution and log characteristics of Banzet sandstone units


Petrology of Banzet Lithologies

Clay Mineralogy of Mudrocks

Sandstone Petrography

Leavenworth County sandstones

Bush City and Centerville sandstones

Coffey County sandstones

Sandstones from the southeastern Kansas-northeastern Oklahoma outcrop belt


Paleontological Observations

Depositional Environments

Deltaic Complexes

Prodelta and Interdistrebutary Environments

Marine-shelf Environments

Paleogeographic Reconstruction

Distribution of Depositional Complexes

Eustatic Changes and Autocycles

Nature of transgressive and regressive sequences

Eustatic cycles


Implications for Petroleum Exploration and Production

Effective Porosity and Varying Diagenetic Styles

Processes Affecting Reservoir Properties

Depositional and early diagenetic conditions

Enhancement of reservoir properties

Keys to Predicting Quality of Reservoir Characteristics

Summary and Conclusions



A--Banzet formation well-log data

B--Petrographic data for Banzet formation

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