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Stanton Formation

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Figure 4

Figure 4--North-south cross section along strike of Stanton Formation and underlying units in central and southern Montgomery County, Kansas. Primary datum is top of Iola Limestone which is frequently exposed to east (Plate 1), well-defined Stanton units (especially Captain Creek and Tyro) serve as secondary datums between measurements up from Iola. East-west cross-section in southern T. 32 S. is given in Fig. 5. Solid vertical lines indicate field measurement with hand level; dashed vertical lines indicate estimation of thickness from outcrop elevations on 7.5-minute topographic maps (10-foot contour interval) with correction made for 30 feet per mile regional dip to west. Both types of measured sections are located by number in Appendix 1. Greater than regional westward dip of South Bend Member off west sides of thick Rock Lake sandstone bodies (illustrated in Fig. 6) causes westernmost exposures of South Bend to project eastward to within Eudora-Rock Lake interval at places from southern T. 33 S. through T. 35 S. Regional dip of 30 feet/mile is verified on Captain Creek exposures on Table Mound and bluffs to west, north of Elk River; on Tyro exposures in quarry northeast of Tyro and at either end of Hafer Run inlier; and on South Bend exposures along U.S. Rte. 75 between Wayside and Havana (see Plate 1).

Symbols are standard except:
Convex-upward arcs--phylloid algal mound facies
Vertical lines--skeletal calcarenite
Blank in limestone unit--calcilutite, sponge-rich in Captain Creek and in South Bend in southern T. 33 S. and northern T. 34 S.

f--bryozoan-brachiopod-dominated diverse assemblage in Eudora and Stoner
m--mollusc-dominated assemblage in Eudora and lower Wann
THSB--Timber Hill siltstone bed
L-V siltstone--siltstone in top of Lane-Vilas Shale

Cross section.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed on web Jan. 20, 2009; originally published May 1975.
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