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2005 Water Levels--Data Sets Available

Data formatted for Screen Viewing

These links leads to data formatted for viewing on the screen.

Summary of 2005 KGS ID and water levels, grouped by county

All 2005 Raw Data, grouped by county

Quality Assurance Data

Proposed Enhancement Wells

Data formatted for import into other software

These links are for comma-delimited ASCII data, formatted for import into spreadsheets or database software such as Microsoft Excel or Access. It can be viewed on the screen, but it will be hard to read. The data is not displayed in tables, but is in comma-separated format.

Data Sorted by County

All well info and 1995-2005 level readings

Well locations and 2005 level readings

Data Sorted by GMD

GIS Data for Creating Maps

This link is to a page that allows you to save Kansas county and state boundary data and GMD boundary data if you wish to create your own maps.

Kansas GIS Data

Kansas Geological Survey, Water Level CD-ROM
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Updated Feb. 15, 2005
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